Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 places

I think realizing that I'm "stuck" with where I'm living and working for at least another year (if things go according to plan) has made me ancy to go somewhere. I'm very much in the mood for a vacation getaway. Weekend trips to Charleston have definitely helped with this. But, it made me start thinking...if I could live anywhere, where would I want to live? Here are my top 5 (in no particular oder because some days I prefer one destination over others)!
1. Beverly Hills - Tropical location with celebrity watching benefits. Love the relaxed atmosphere!

2. Jacksonville, FL - Big city, beautiful beaches and 3 hours from family = perfection!

3. Oauhu, Hawaii - After vacationing here I didn't picture it as a place I would want to live but, nearing my year-mark since I left, I could definitely get used to the idea of living here yearround!

4. Chi Chi - Best city ever. I would definitely need a good job though so I could afford to have a cute "winter-friendly" wardrobe!

5. Charlotte, NC - I've always loved this city!

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