Thursday, June 11, 2009


Our office manager/accountant is originally from Venezuala so English is her second language. Even though she's lived in America for about 8 years, her accent is still very heavy and the Spanish accent is always there. I used to not think so, but I think Spanish is the prettiest language - it just sound beautiful no matter what you say.

I love listening to Cori tell stories because even though she's completely fluent in English sometimes she can't think of the correct cooresponding words in English for what she wants to say. And there's one thing in particular I love that she says....whenever she's telling a story and wants to say "oh we had a good time" or "it was fun" or "oh how sweet", she always says "it was a beautiful thing!" I love that! A lot of times when we are hanging out with friends or family it is in fact "fun" and a "good time" but I think a "beautiful thing" often descirbes it better! :)

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