Tuesday, June 23, 2009

26 random things

I secretly wanted to fill this out when they started popping up on facebook but never did.

1.It is pointless to leave me a voicemail unless you are a
potential employer or school-related person
2.The last year is one I could live without.
3.I am the biggest sweet tooth you will ever know
4.I’m obsessed with weddings – I could talk about them and look at
bride magazines all day
5.I think the worst feeling in the world is loving someone who
doesn’t love you back
6.I absolutely love anything beach/water-related but don’t like
being in deep water where my feet can’t touch the bottom.
7.I could live off cereal
8.I have a phobia of rolled-down car windows
9.I wish I was Barbie so I could change my career every day
10.I’m at a point in life for the first time where I don’t know
what the next step is or where I will be
11.I am a very competitive person which I probably don’t seem at
12.Cookie dough bites poured over movie theatre popcorn is heaven
in a bucket
13.I am in love with my 16-year old dauschund Tilly
14.I’ve only spent 2 days in Chicago but think I could live there.
Became a white sox fan in a day!
15.I will usually not go to the doctor unless I am literally dying
(I get this from my father)
16.I could watch Real Housewives episodes all day and sometimes do
17.Have always wished I was 4 inches shorter – or that the first
question people ask when meeting me wasn’t “did you play
basketball growing up?” or “do you model?”
18.I’m not superstitious but I make wishes on 11:11
19.Whenever I make “To Do” lists, I always put a few things I’ve
already done on there so I can cross them off :)
20.I’m addicted to designer jeans and celebrity tabloids
21.I’m a night owl – I can function off 5 hours of sleep quite well
22.Black arm hair on a guy really grosses me out
23.I know every song from the Little Mermaid by heart
24.I do believe in love at first sight even if that’s corny.
25.My least favorite holiday is July 4th until further notice
26. I secretly wish I could sing like Taylor Swift

1 comment:

Katie said...

The July 4th holiday is from the devil. Pretty sure.