Thursday, April 30, 2009

favs and non-favs

Favorite time of day?
When I get off work

Least favorite time of day?
Driving to work

Favorite vacation?

Least favorite vacation?
Probably to the farmlands of Kentucky!

Favorite time of year?

Least favorite time of year?
When it’s warm but not warm enough to lay out or wear summer clothes

Favorite holiday?

Least favorite holiday?
4th of July

Favorite thing to do on weekends?
Spend time with friends/people I love

Least favorite thing to do on weekends?

Favorite beverage?
Chocolate milk and sugar free red bull (not together)

Least favorite beverage?
Flavored water

Favorite memory?
I have lots! :)

Least favorite memory?

Favorite breakfast food?
I LOVE breakfast food –love muffins, cheese strudel, sausage and eggs, I can’t decide!

Least favorite breakfast food?
Hash browns

Favorite part of your home?
My wall of celebrity autographs

Least favorite part of your home?
Don’t have one!

Favorite type of music?
Pop or country

Least favorite type of music?
Ridiculously vulgar rap

Favorite type of movie?

Least favorite type of movie?

Favorite thing about going to the movies?
Going on a date!

Least favorite thing about going to the movies?
Kids that run up and down the stairs

Favorite thing about birthdays?
Hanging out with people I care about

Least favorite thing bout birthdays?
They’re not as fun as they used to be

Favorite chore?

Least favorite chore?
Cleaning the bathtub

Favorite sport?

Least favorite sport?
Probably like hockey or men’s gymnastics

Favorite thing to wear?
My seven jeans

Least favorite thing to wear?
Bikini on a bloaty day!

Favorite day of the week?
Friday if I have something to do that night

Least favorite day of the week?
Friday if I don’t have anything to do that night

Favorite thing to do after work?
Go for a run then go out with friends

Least favorite thing to do after work?

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