Thursday, April 23, 2009


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a height issue. Maybe it was growing up with two 5' friends or that I'm the tallest in my office or the fact that everyone asks me if I either played basketball in high school or modeled. So I did some research to see how tall some celebrities are and below is a list of celebritie my height (5' 7.75") or taller. Since heights aren’t usually measured in ¾ inches, I had to round to 5’ 8”! Enjoy these TALL leading ladies :)

Ali Larter

Angelina Jolie

Anne Hathaway

Cameron Diaz (5’ 8.5”)

Julia Roberts

Jennifer Garner

Faith Hill

Katharine McPhee

Camilla Belle (Gorgeous!)

Jessica Stroup

Celebrities that are taller than me:

Camilla Alves at 5’9”

Gwyneth Paltrow at 5’ 9”

Katie Holmes at 5’ 9” (always beautiful!)

Tyra Banks at 5’ 10”

All the Victoria Secret Models (5’ 9” and UP – however, I have to put a note here that if I had any of their bodies, I would gladly take their height!)

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