Monday, December 15, 2014

Tis the Season.....

....for business apparently! 
While I do miss my bed....I've had such a blast at all the events going on this month. 


mmm brownies. I mean, how else would you celebrate a fashion show with insanely skinny and gorgeous women?! 

Confession....this was a staged pillow fight...The wine that got spilled on me two seconds later...not so staged 

As you can relationship with the spray tan is going very well this season. 

In my defense....per snapchat....I look a normal shade in my apartment. 


 One of our instructors is crazy Martha Stewart talented. She feeds us cupcakes topped with cookies like these...and then we workout. 

Tucking on the staircase! We have so much fun!  

Love this group of girls...such an amazing blend of personalities. So happy to be part of THIS. 

Every year my friend Reese throws an Ugly Christmas Sweater party...this was the first year I've been in town to attend. Naturally I busted out the Christmas finery. 

I hope Santa brings me a set of eyes that don't blink in every picture this year


On Sunday I went to see WILD with my book club. They all read the book....I didn't. And after sitting through the movie, I think I made the wisest decision of the group ;)

And on that note....O'Malley says....Merry Christmas.
And please send him your candy canes.

What's been your favorite holiday moment so far?!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday's Letters....The One with the Name-Calling, The Hug and the Plans

Dear the blogger that called me a troll this week....I find it highly amusing that you called me this directly after posting about how we should discuss current national issues on our blogs. And when I did and commented on your post, you deleted my comment and called me a troll. Haters gonna hate girl. 

Dear the boy I matched with on Tinder who never talked to me....You crashed a party I was at this week and it was about 75 Shades of uncomfortable....made even more awkward when you came up and gave me a big hug and yet still did not introduce yourself. 

Dear "Eaten Alive".....boy, you got us TLC. More than 4.1 million people tuned-in, in anticipation of a man getting "eaten" by an anaconda only to see the snake lick the top of a man's head before he tapped out. 

Dear DC...It's official, I will be ringing my New Year in with you and this little former blog muffin. So excited to get out of town for a bit. #wheelsup. I have been dying to use that hashtag every since it became week ago.

Dear This Weekend.....Pure Barre Christmas Party, Salvation Army Bell-Ringing, Ugly Sweater Christmas Party and a Movie With My have the makings of a good one. 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?!


Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Things that MADE my week this week. 

I Love Lucy in color - Lucille Balle has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. I think she's brilliant and hilarious and I loved her fashion. So Sunday night I was in comedy heaven when they displayed the I Love Lucy Christmas Special all re-done in color. It was amazing. And that hair!!!

Birthdays - Monday was Whitney's birthday...and the third I've helped her celebrate. I met Whitney the second week I lived in Atlanta and we've been friends ever since. 

....and I know what you're all's not a nipple, it's a necklace.

As Lorde would say, I'd have to capture this picture "no post code envy"....that is until I go home to my own place that overlooks a parking lot. Love having friends who live in high places...literally. 

My girls (minus Shannon and Danielle)

This Duet - I think Carrie Underwood is the perfect example of how God loves some of us a little more than others. Kidding.....kidding. But seriously, this girl got the double whammy with looks and a voice. Like, can we take a moment to appreciate her it sad that my fitness goal is to have the arms of a pregnant woman?!

Productivity - In the land of boring blog posts, would live a post about my weekend. Minus my birthday excursion noted above, I was an unshowered sloth-hermit. But a sloth-hermit that killed her to-do list. I cleaned my place top to bottom, got great workouts done, organized my closet and cabinets and even caught up on work. And there is something seriously satisfying about a productive weekend. Can I get an amen (from all the other 70 year olds)?!
Beautifully organized

What MADE your week?

XO, A 

Monday, December 8, 2014


Remember when I was a timely blogger...and I did recaps on say, things like holidays and events in the months they actually occurred? 
Today is not one of those days as I am here to recap my Thanksgiving in South Carolina. 

Shannon and I run a 5k on Hilton Head Island every Thanksgiving morning. This year was our fifth time running it...we're basically turkey trotting pros at this point. 

Killing time before the race.

Crushed it. 

Mom and I before Thanksgiving Dinner 

Me and Shannon....or is Shannon and I....I can never remember 

Got to see my Grandma too! And we matched #twinning 

And of course a trip home wouldn't be complete without spending ominous amounts of time with my favorite little fur baby 

The day after Thanksgiving we had a total girl's day complete with Black Friday shopping, dinner in and a night of girly Hallmark movies....and no pictures. It was THAT amazing, I forgot to take a single picture. But we can talk for a minute about how awesome Hallmark movies are? I am loving them this year..cheesy, predictable-ness and all.  

On Saturday, I got to brunch with my god-sister Angel. Now that she's in college we don't get to see each other that much so it was a great time to catch up. 

And then Shannon and I were off to see the third installation of Hunger Games and pick up a Christmas Tree. 

Such a fun trip and already counting down the days to Christmas. 
What was your favorite thing about Thanksgiving this year? 


Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday's Letters...The one with the tattoo, The Angel Giants and The "Compliment."

Dear Flash Tats....I am officially obsessed with you. I think know you are going to become a staple in my wardrobe. Dear Victoria Secret Fashion Show...Must you fall right in the middle of cookies and pie season (which some people also call December.) Dear Victoria Secret Fashion Show Again...I suppose I will forgive you since you are hosting my two current favs - Taylor and Ariana

This is hilarious. I feel ya girl.

Dear Random Woman at the Gym....You told me this week that I was the perfect example of why not to judge a book by its cover. When I asked why you said it was because I "had a conceited look to me....but that I was really nice." You should know that is not really a compliment. Dear Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy....Your wedding is in a week and I am so excited! I love your love story. For those who don't remember, Lauren is a fashion blogger who lost her arm in a plane accident. 

Dear Friends....I promise to try and be more exciting next week. This week has definitely got the best of me. Happy December! 


Monday, December 1, 2014


Well we've stuffed our turkeys, we've Black-Friday'd and Cyber-Monday'd and officially rolled our way into the last month of the year. 

And today I wanted to share something I've been thinking about kind of a lot. And share an idea with this second-family-blog-community of mine. An idea close to my heart.

There's so many professions that, despite the fact it's a holiday, work must continue on...Doctors, Nurses, Soldiers, Pilots, Firefighters, Police Officers and so on. 

But out of those, there's one profession that seems to be left out of the holiday goodwill. And I can understand. Everyone dreads seeing those blue lights behind their car. And this post is by no means a police pity party. Each of them signed up for this profession willingly. 

But in their profession, they don't get the glory of saving a home from burning down, they don't get the pride of performing a life-saving operation and they don't receive the honor of returning home from war a home-town hero. If you google police, it's all negative articles and images. If you talk to others, it's all angry stories of an unfair ticket or arrest.

But, as the daughter of an officer, let me shed some light on the reality of what these men and women do every day. 

They deal with the bad. And the evil. And the horrific. 100% of the time; everything they deal with is bad. Homicide, suicide, robbery, wrecks, drug deals, bombings, and on and on it goes. 
25 Most Powerful Photos

They put their own lives in danger every single day. They get spit on (not to mention other bodily fluids slung at them) Cursed out. Physically attacked. Called the most vile of names. They work endlessly long shifts for little pay. And most times, they are alone. They don't have the reassurance of having a team right at their backs or someone to cover them. Oftentimes they are answering calls for a shooting or a robbery completely by themselves. 

And they do it to protect the protect you and me....from evil. 

Scared panda hugging police officer's leg after earthquake... And my heart just melted.
Panda Bear hugging a police officer after an earthquake. I LOVE this picture. 

And despite the absolutely horrific media coverage they have received as of late, let me tell you, that these men and women in blue are some of the truest heroes.   

So all that brings me to this. #Cookiesforcops

I remember last Thanksgiving when my dad was working, he mentioned how someone at the fire department had told him of all the people who had brought dinner and treats for the firefighters. Nothing was delivered to the police station. 

So as you're baking this year...perhaps taking cookies to your local fire department or slipping some into your mailbox for your mailman, please make an extra batch for your local police department. 
Share on instagram with the hashtag above and help spread the word. Maybe the only interaction you have ever had with an officer is being the end recipient of a ticket but this Christmas, please help me bring some good to these men and women who will leave their families to deal in a world of bad. 

Let's show the police some love this Christmas. 


We stand watch together
The thin blue line
Protecting the prey from the predators
The good from the bad
-End of Watch 


Monday, November 24, 2014

I Confess....The one with the nude pump, wife material and the song

I confess...I love nude pumps. I am known among my friends for wearing them with basically everything. However when I arrived in Miami and later Vegas earlier this year, I was strongly encouraged to work on sexy-ing up my footwear. I just think they go with everything!

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

I mean, they go right?! 

I Confess...I hate sweaters. I felt relatively cute this weekend when I headed to my third Friendsgiving...really giving the "sweater" a try....only to come home, horrified to see the tagged pic in which I look like an oompa loompa with the chest of an 8 year old boy. 

People really need to learn the filter feature. It's amazing. 

I Confess...I can't cook (we all know this) BUT I cooked baked beans this weekend for a Friendsgiving and...they were pretty much a hit. 
I may have gotten a little carried away in my snapchat. 

I Confess...After listening to nothing but Taylor Swift solid for the past 3 weeks, I've been cheating on her this week with Ariana Grande's album. I'm obsessed, specifically with this song. 

What do you confess?!

Happy Thanksgiving Week Muffins 


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