Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No Wake in the Wake Zone: A Mexican Tale

Bucket List Item #1: Travel outside the country  


For my birthday, some of my bestest friends helped me celebrate in such a beautiful way. Six of us traveled to Mexico for four days of fun, sun and adventure. 
 To Mexico we go! (I may have acquired a selfie stick at the beginning of this trip).

Right from go, the trip was amazing. When I got to the airport, I didn't have to pay for my checked bag. I also got TSA precheck. I kept telling the girls that Delta must know it's my birthday. But then I realized that our travel agent booked us in two's and I was booked with Danielle who is a traveling feign...thereby I was a beneficiary of all her travel upgrades. But I don't care, being Danielle's "wife" for the weekend was amazing! 

First classing to Mexico. They're so nice to you up there! They give you champagne and blankets and leave you bananas while you nap. I'm a fan. 

Mexico! Waiting on Shannon to get in from Kansas City!

 Day One was spent exploring our resort and all it's buffets attractions 
 ....everyone together now! 

Out to dinner!

We celebrated the start of the trip with sombreros at the local Japanese restaurant. Hola...Konnichiwa...same dif!


Day Two we lived on the beach and at the pool. 
Getting into these is harder than appears. I've never laughed so hard. This hammock feels like I what I imagine being in utero feels like. 

I was super excited to see all the wildlife in Mexico. I just kept hearing about how there were "iguanas EVERYWHERE!" There were not iguanas everywhere but do you know what there were a lot of? 25 pound rats.

Apparently this critter is native to playa del carmen and yes, it is a rodent...the size of a cat and as tame as a dog. Fairly certain it would have let us pet it if we weren't trapped in our womb hammocks paralyzed with fear (ok maybe that was just me and Jessica). I'm just saying, these are the kinds of stories that end up on TLC. "Vacationers eaten by 25 pound rat."

 Beaching with my vacation roomie!

 Danielle is only interested in jumping pictures! And I can see why - I mean look at the height on that jump! 

 Selfie Stick Practice 

 Yes, all of my friends look like supermodels, it's the truth

I have always wanted a towel animal! I mean, if it's wrong to put these in your suitcase as a souvenir, I don't want to be right. 


That night we had a little...let's say....adventure. We decided to go to a very well-known Club called Coco Bongo. 
 Getting wild and crazy!

My little fashionista friend Nina! 

 We are silly!

 These two blondies...always taking selfies on my phone. I love it!

Waiting on the bus to Coco Bongo

Our tickets included transportation, a private table, bottle service and a waiter. Long story short, our tickets actually included transportation, some Sprite Zeros and general admission with about 4,000 other suckers people. 

How we felt about Coco Bongo 

As we came to discover, all the exits in Coco Bongo are hidden. And as you are literally mushing yourself between hundreds of people, it may or may not induce some panic. We eventually split into two groups, Shannon and I became "Team Escape Captains" and thankfully we made it out and lived to talked about it. 

Although at one point I did have the thought "This is how it ends.....I get squeezed to death." 

Thankfully.....there was a full recovery on all fronts! 

And if you're wondering about the title of this post....this was a saying that couple staying at the resort said to us about 25 times. They were in their late 40's, approximately the color of a 97 year old leather suitcase, both had rainbow-colored hair and rocked bondage swimsuits. And partied harder than any 21 year old I know. And every time they passed us, they'd say "No wake in the wake zone ladies!"....whatever that means! 

Stay Tuned for Part Two! 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Hi!

Oh hi little blog!....Remember the days when I used to set up guest posters and schedule posts for when I was away? Now I just leave a bowl of food and water out for you and call it a week. Sorry for abandoning you! Mid-Year Resolution is to catch up on blogs and stay on top of mine. I have so much to share including how I almost drowned in 4 feet of water and how we almost died by being squeezed to death. I mean, BIG things in store.

For now...a few confessions:

I Confess...I am attempting to watch this season of Big Brothers since I know one of the contestants but man, that show is a commitment. Three times a week?! Aggressive.

I Confess...I loved mexico but I really loved coming back to America too and it's 4G! 

I Confess....Two and a half days into our Mexican adventure and Danielle and I noticed the teeniest, tiniest little sign in the bottom corner of our mirror that said "Water is not potable." I'm just gonna throw it out there Mexico that maybe you make that sign a smidge bigger....and like, not hide it in the corner. 

I Confess....Getting back on the healthy eating train is not that much fun. My diet somehow seems incomplete without an afternoon snack of pizza and ice cream. 

I Confess...I have good reason for being so MIA. In addition to being out of the country, I've also been teaching an insane amount of classes at Pure Barre. At this point I'm tucking in my sleep! 

For now, I'm going to rejoice in the fact that it's going to be a short week. Holla America! I cannot wait to bust out some red, white and blue in obnoxious yet fully American combinations.  

What do you confess?! 

XO, A 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday's Letters....The One With the Soul Mate, The Instagram Picture and The Immune System

Dear Facebook....Per your highly intricate and accurate "Who's Your Soul Mate" quiz, you've paired me with my sister. You say we have lots in know, like blood and genetics and stuff.  Dear Atlanta....Apparently we are going through a record-setting "heat wave." But I'm going to be honest, I think the temperature is lovely out. I mean, the constant glow of sweat on everyone's face, the take-your-breath away feeling as soon as you walk outside, the burning of the car leather on your thighs. Paradise. 

Dear Somewhere Not In the United States....It's me and you tomorrow...and five other babes. Prepare your shores!Dear Immune System...It appears you are 97 years old. Every time we travel together lately we get sick. Thankfully I have become a pro at mouth-breathing.I mean, attractive. Dear Random Person whose Instagram picture I accidentally liked from 172 weeks ago.....I want to kill myself. Just kidding but really...mortifying. 
Boho beach goddess

Dear This Getup....I literally have nowhere to wear you, but you make my soul happy. I just want to wear tank tops and flash tats and and braids and bohemian jewelry for the rest of my life. Clearly I do super well in the Corporate World. #tiedyeisnotacceptibleofficewear?

Dear Readers....Hope you have the happiest weekend of all time! 


Monday, June 15, 2015

The Ice Cream With The Sprinkles

I'm fairly certain there's an unwritten rule somewhere that birthdays must be celebrated with dancing and dresses. It's like birthday law. 

But being more of spontaneous personality type, I had made no such plans to don said dress or locate a dancing venue. When my friend Chelsea asked me what I was doing for my birthday, I was all like...

Thankfully Chelsea is a birthday Godmother. I met Chelsea through our blogs and discovered she lived in Atlanta too. I mean, sometimes life just gives you the ice cream with the sprinkles. I don''t know a person that loves birthdays (or half birthdays) more than her. And boy, is she good at them. Within an hour we had a Facebook invite, a date and a venue. Birthday magic I tell you. 

What ensued was the most perfect birthday fiesta with so many friends. 


Birthday Dressing

Chelsea Muffin! We pre-gamed with Charlie over some prosecco and chew toys!

Just missing Shannon and Nina! 

My ASB roomies! Love these girlies so much.  

Me and my little blondies! I love going out with these girls because inevitably, I always end up with one of these on my phone.....

Love them! 

Kristin and I. We were accidentally Twinning! 

Geez I am such a creep sometimes....Danielle dancing with Kirk! They're the cutest! 

Whit and Katie! 


Ubering home! We ended the night with pizza at Chelsea and Stone's house. You know you've had a successful night when you're eating pizza at 2 am. 

The bday celebrations are continuing in Mexico later this week. Remember that annoying kid's song "The song that never ends?"...this is the birthday that never ends. All birthday all the time! 

But for now, I'll set my birthday hat aside....Catch me up on YOU friends! 


Thursday, June 11, 2015


If you google the word "rich" you will be served with images of stacks of money, yachts, nice houses, fancy cars, beautiful clothes....Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel logos. 

But let me tell you friends that those visual images of what "rich" is, are all incorrect. 

Because this.....this is what rich is. 
My beautiful Atlanta Crew (+Kayla!)

Rich is friends who battled Atlanta traffic on a work night to come eat seared tuna and oysters with me.

Rich is friends who leave their babies for the day, drive 2 hours and then drive another 2 hours at the end of the day to celebrate my birthday.

Rich are friends who send me the most incredible bouquets of flowers when I know there are so many other things that money could go towards.
From Whitney, Erica and Katie!

Rich are friends who remember your birthday and send the most beautiful rings all the way from South Africa.
Sweet Caley! I adore this girl and her beautiful family!  

Rich is a sister that spends hours putting together the most thougtful and crafty yet obnoxious and time-consuming birthday gift that takes you hours to figure out.
If there was a way to individually-wrap pieces of toilet paper, this one would do it!  

Rich are friends that send you the most "you" beach hat that ever existed because they know you're going away on a trip soon.
My Sweet Friend Jess. This little nugget of cuteness turned 2 months on my birthday. Ironically we both celebrated with bottles.

Rich is my friend Katie sending money solely for the purpose of buying the "fancy" chocolate milk, which must be served in a wine glass. She is my chocolate milk partner for life.
Black and white photos = dead giveaway for no makeup. Cheers! 

Rich are clients that somehow figure out your birthday and all send you birthday messages.

Rich is a mom that mails you cupcakes because she knows what an underlying sweet tooth you have and that cake is like a must on birthdays.
RESILIENCE. | via Tumblr
Every year on my birthday I can be found eating mini cupcakes for breakfast. I mean what is life without tradition....and 5 extra birthday pounds? 

Rich is friends that bring you "21st birthday balloons" because they know you and that you would kill them if they showed up in a restaurant with a "30" balloon. It is my most favorite balloon to date.

Apart from all the gifts and "things," I was so overwhelmed with people's thoughtfulness and generosity and time. "29 Again" might not be my favorite age but, man, last week I realized that I am so incredibly rich in friends and family and love. 

XO, A 
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