Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one with the candy bowl, the fake promotion and the pumpkin instructions

Dear Halloween....You are today. Time to bust out my best bra and panties. Juuuust kidding. Of course I'm wearing wings with that ensemble. Dear the Candy Bowl at Work...You and I both know we've been seeing far too much of each other lately for that last letter to be true. Dear LinkedIn...I don't know how to work you. I was just trying to change my company and accidentally gave myself a new job. So thanks...thanks man that I sit next to every day for congratulating me on my new position at my new company. I'll see ya Monday. Dear Pure Barre....The only downside to wearing socks for class is that sometimes I forget to bring "after class shoes." Long live the workout pants and heels look....brings the boys to the yard. Only not really. Dear Pumpkin...I had big plans to carve you however, I'm fairly certain the instructions for carving a pumpkin begin with "a man."

Happy Halloween Ya'll....Party On.

XO, Ashley

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Too Good Not To....

Some things are too good not to blog about. Taylor Swift’s new cd is one such thing. I don’t care that her target market is about 9 years younger than me. Her songs can make me all teary-eyed until the next track comes on and I  grab my hairbrush as the most suitable microphone.

I think passion is a hard-to-come-by quality these days. I happen to adore passionate people….people who are passionate about their work or a cause or passionate about love. That may be why Taylor is my favorite. She’s passionate about love and puts into words all the emotions we all feel.

And more than that....she's smart. The whole album is supposedly about one person. And have you read this? Just so cool.

So in taking my blogging duty seriously, I have done the impossible…..and that is narrow down all 16 tracks to just my top five favorites:

-All You Had To Do Was Stay
-Blank Space
-Wildest Dreams 
-How you get the girl 
-You are in Love 

Have you bought? Do you love? What’s your favorite?

Please someone fangirl out with me!


Monday, October 27, 2014



It feels good to be back in this little space. 

I unintentionally took a little hiatus from RWM....but, with good reason. 

Last week I attended Bloom The Workshop, developed by Ashley and Michaela

Bloom is a workshop around the topics of blogging for your business, photography and interior design. And even though the fanciest camera I own is a point and shoot circa 2007 and my interior design skills are about as broad as "what matches beige?" I came away SO inspired. 

I came away wanting to set goals for my blog, learned about how to leverage social media for  blogging and spent the better half of the day swooning over the styled shoot....and met some amazing and truly talented individuals along the way. 
The Breakfast Spread  

I was obsessed with these colored chairs  and that couch 

Laverne and Shirley....the resident chickens (pretty sure they were gamecock fans too) 

The Amazing enchanting

Me and M.

Behind the scenes: Setting up the styled shoot 


THE most amazing shoes...if only I were a size 6 :)

Behind the scenes: Ashley in action

The couple for the styled shoot were amazing. They've been married for 8 years and you could tell are still so in love....and so much fun! Not to mention gorgeous!  

One of my favs

I kept telling them I wanted to hang this on MY mantle!

Long day but so worth it. 

I hope you take the opportunity to attend Bloom if it comes to a city near you. For those of us who have jobs other than blogging, it's so nice to take a break from that for a day and be in such a creative environment. 

What inspired you this week? 

Giving Credit:
Bloom The Workshop & Styled Shoot/Design: Bloom Workshop | Michaela Noelle | Ashley Slater 
Venue: Vinewood Plantation  | Invitations & Paper Goods: LH Calligraphy | China & Furniture: Southern Vintage | Floral DesignLindsay Coletta | Gown, Shoes: J Andrews Bridal |  Cakes & Desserts: Blooming Flour Bakery


Monday, October 20, 2014

That time I got hit on....only not really

About a year ago, I was headed to meet up with some friends at one of Atlanta’s more popular bars. I arrived about 20 minutes earlier than the rest of the group and after I’d perused most of Facebook and Instagram in my car, thought “This is silly. I’m an independent woman, I can just go in by myself and wait for them at the bar.” So I did….marching my little stiletto-clad feet right up to the bar. The bartender came up and we chatted for a minute. I instantly recognized him as he is a local celebrity (once on a short-lived Atlanta reality show.) Apparently there’s only room for housewives in the reality TV market here. 

45 Ridiculous And Amazing GIFs Of Nene Leakes For Her Birthday

I may have also remembered him because he looks like a Greek God. 

This is actual said bartender

A few minutes later, the Greek God bartender, walked up to me and placed a napkin in front of me and walked off. I looked down to see writing on the napkin that said “I think you’re cute. Want to go out?” with two little checkboxes below it – one that said “yes” and the other that said “no.” Nevermind that this was definitely a throwback maneuver from the first grade (I’d never been to public school anyway, what did I know?!)….this Greek god was asking me out!!

I could already picture our little angel-babies…we’d have to name them something cool like “Apollo” or “Hermes.” 

A handful of minutes later he sauntered back over, rested his chiseled elbow on the bar, looked at me and said “So what do you think?” In my efforts to be somewhat flirty back (why do I do this? This NEVER works in my favor) I laughed and said “A napkin? You’re so silly!” 

With a look on his face as horrified as the one I was about to feel, he said “Oh…that’s not from me…..” (cue inner panic/I want to die feelings)….”It’s from them.” He turned and pointed to two squirmy boys laughing (with what I can only imagine was accompanied by snorts) and one that gingerly held up a hand and waived, a watermelon Smirnoff firmly in the other hand. One was sporting a Justin Bieber shaggy ‘do and though I couldn’t see, I was almost certain they were wearing pants with some kind of fish or plant or school logo embroidered on them.

I was snapped back to my unfortunate reality when the Greek God (who was clearly not on board with having angel babies with me) said “So what do I tell them?

There was no salvaging the situation. I prayed for some sloppy drunk to spill his drink on me, fall on me, drop me to the floor and out of the site line of this human muscle…anything to distract from this moment. But no, there I was…. Just me, the Greek God, the embroidery twins and the napkin.

I gave a nervous laugh, said “thanks, not interested” and quickly turned and walked off…where someone did spill an entire drink on me. A little late dude…a little late.
Spilled drink
Thank God this was a bar with five different rooms as I spent the rest of the night with my friends in every room where the Greek God was not.

And that my friends… why you always….always….stick to the buddy system.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Letters....Rissy, The Soup Aisle and Guilty Pleasures

Dear Rissy....Today is your birthday! I am so thankful for you and your sweet (and spicy!) spirit. You always make me laugh. I wish we lived closer (this may be partially due to the fact that I wish I could raid your amazing closet!) This girl's got the best fashion ever. Dear Shalyn....You launched your print shop yesterday....finally! So so proud. You can see Shay's amazing work hereDear Body....I don't know what kind of mutant germ has overtaken you but apparently it's one that's immune to meds. Awesome. We'll just be over here keeping the soup aisle in business. Dear Carly Rose Sonenclar....Recently obsessed with you. This cover is my favorite. Dear Total Divas....You have so become my guilty pleasure. Do you all have any TV guilty pleasures?

Dear Friends....Grab a best friend and laugh this weekend!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Sometimes Dreams Come True...

...and sometimes they even come true outside the gates of Disneyland. 
I know, it's hard to believe

But Saturday was one such day for me...a day when a lifelong dream came true (ok maybe not lifelong but there is no term for a dream that starts at 17.)

It all started when I was casually getting ready after a morning at Pure Barre. I was headed to meet some friends at the Chili Festival and, per my usual routine, was perusing Instagram as I was blow-drying my hair. I was about 25 posts in when I stumbled across this:

Which I read and re-read and re-read again. Cue inner freakout. Jessica was literally up the street from me! 

I have been a long-time fan of Ms. Simpson. Remember that famous Rolling Stones poster? Hung in every dorm room I had (now that I look back, it probably gave off the wrong vibe as it also hung in every guy's dorm room too.) 

I even endured an entire Rascal Flats concert once (sooo painful) just to see her perform the opening act WHICH was amazing (of course)

So to know that she was minutes away from me well....I just had to go. I texted my friends and told them I had something I just had to do. And the next thing I knew I was standing in a mile-long line inside the Dillards with 300 other Jessica Simpson groupies. A line where we waited....and waited....and waited some more. And then, finally....when I was just four people away.....she took a break. 

BUT THEN....after 20 more minutes of waiting, it was my turn! You know how like on all the TV shows when people run into celebrities and they get all star-struck and speechless? It's a real thing people! 

Ashlee was with Jessica and as I walked up, I said "Hey! I'm Ashley." Jessica told me that I was "so pretty" and that she "loved my outfit ensemble"  (which I realize she probably tells every female that crosses her meet-and-greet platform) however it totally made me giddy (giddy can be read speechless). I did manage to congratulate Ashlee on her recent wedding (see why you stay up to speed on celeb news - you never know when you might need to bust out some celebrity facts.)

It is real unfortunate that I look like a giant in this picture (Ashlee and Jessica are truly miniature people). It is also unfortunate that the Dillard's employee that took this picture was too busy chatting it up to get a clear one. Grrrr 

But for real...October 11, you are a day to be recorded, and remembered. One of the best days ever and ever.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday's Letters....Colors, Bedazzled Bras and Shoeless

July to October Hair

Dear This Year....You've been a colorful one. Dear Ashley.....On Monday you brought a bag of rice to work for lunch....because that's something you would cook at the office for lunch. Dear Mirrors....I own you, I do. However the amount I utilize you may be in question. I went to work this week with a hot pink bra WITH rhinestones that showed right through my top. Nothing says professional like a bedazzled bra #blingbling Dear Person at the Gym who removes their shoes to stretch.....You should know that is more of a home thing and not really a gym thing. Dear hate social media but this is one of those "ask for forgiveness later" situations because it was your birthday yesterday and that just has to be celebrated! So thankful for this guy. Dear Marc - It's your birthday today! Birthdays eeerwhere! I hope they have cupcakes in Saudi Arabia!

Me and Dad roadtripping to Disney. I was assisting in the fuel-up process. And by assisting I mean securing the combos and beef jerky car snacks. .

Happy Friday Muffins!

Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater 
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