Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday's Letters...The One With the Lips, the Puppies and the Potato Salad

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All the instructions at my studio (aren't they beautiful?!) 

Dear Work...Wednesday was the first day you really made me wish I was a stay at home mom. The founder of Pure Barre, Carrie Dorr (pictured 4th from right) came to our studio and taught a class....right in the middle of the work day. I raged with jealousy from my desk! Dear Kylie Jenner....You told a magazine recently that your lips just look like that because you like lip liner. That you did not have any injections....and everyone named Pinocchio said amen. 

Dear Office Thanksgiving Feast Today....I confess that I signed up to bring green beans. In actuality I brought potato salad that I bought at the Publix five minutes ago. Dear Snowy, the Great Dane that birthed 19 puppies at once...You sure are giving the Duggars a run for their money aren't you? 
Can we just take a minute and look at the mom's face....yeah, that seems about right. 

Happy Friday Friends! 
I hope you are all plotting your way to some fabulous Friday night plans!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The List Part Two

...for him

I don't know about you but I love buying guy's gifts. I guess because I don't venture too often to the dude department in stores it all seems so new and exciting when I do.  Below are my top favorites for holiday gifts for him this year. 

 DVD Set | Pullover | Engrave-able Dog Tags

What's the best guy gift you've given?


Monday, November 17, 2014

The List

.....for her

It's that time of the year again. Even though Thanksgiving is still two weeks out, I found myself waiting in endless lines at the mall this weekend with other shoppers who had the same "early shopping" idea as me. And while I was waiting, I had plenty of time to peruse and found some amazing gift ideas for the special ladies in your life. 

Whats your most favorite gift you've ever received? 

Look for my guy's list coming this week!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Letters.... The Black Car, The Puffer Vest and The Christmas Section

Dear every black car in Atlanta....I apologize that I will most likely try to get into you at least one point this year. It's not breaking and entering. It's called not knowing your vehicle. Dear Book Club....I really did try this time. I actually bought the book and that counts for something...right? Unfortunately I will be the girl at book club that has read about 3 of the 97 chapters...again #bookclubfail Dear Atlanta....I don't know why I never quite take your "severe winter" warnings seriously but after completely freezing all day yesterday, I will be sporting the ever-professional puffer vest to work today. Dear the Christmas Section at the Target...Every year, man. Every year you suck me in. There are few things I love better than strolling the aisles stocked with ornaments and stockings. I am 100 years old. 

Dear Readers...Any fun plans this weekend?! 


Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Small Truths and a Little List of Loves

So you know those "get to know me " posts that we bloggers sometimes do? And then do you know those "Things I'm loving posts?" Well today is what I would call a hybrid post of those two, brought to you by my extreme indecisiveness on what I wanted to blog about today.

So a few small truths about me. And please, don't leave a girl hanging over here by herself. Leave a comment telling me one small truth about yourself!  

I have an affinity for blue tennis in I only and always buy blue tennis shoes. 

I can't jump rope or whistle. I think I have shared my jump rope struggles on the blog here before but really...any time I see someone skipping rope at the gym or walking by whistling a tune, I get a little jealous inside. Why are these things so hard to do?!  
Including the ones in which you actually only jump the rope like 5 a span of 10 minutes 

I am 98% of the time a healthy eater.I mean, I think we all know...protein and veggies = good. Carbs and sweets = bad. But I have a serious weakness for donuts...any kind, jelly-filled, donut holes, glazed, pop 'ems. I can turn down just about any kind of sweet with the exception of donuts. Naturally they are about 10 times worse for you than any other sweets out there. Does anyone else question now why I run so much?

Little List of Loves 

Sadie Robertson - My mom and sister are long time fans of Dancing with the Stars. But this year I have joined the tribe solely because I love Sadie Robertson. She is SO good and I just love her personality. I almost went as her for Halloween but it is realllly hard to find camouflage anything that fits a person under 200 pounds. Strike that....its' reallly hard to find camouflage anything in Atlanta.
Mark Ballas & Sadie Robertson ....
I mean, I know she's like 14 but I really just want to be best friends with her!

The Duggars - I'll be honest and say that at first I was annoyed by this family of over-breeders. But one Saturday I got sucked into the vortex of a TLC "19 Kids and Counting" marathon and I'm recently obsessed. I am now a Duggar-Lover. Can we just talk about how Michelle never gets angry? Or how her voice never rises one decibel above "pleasant." I mean, yes, they do have some very strange dating rules..but they are all so well-behaved and seem very happy. 

Fall - Ok I finally get it. I get why people like fall. And maybe it's because I am sporting a sick spray tan right now and I don't have my blinding white skin to jade me but, I have really enjoyed fall this year. And not anything in particular but just the feeling of it all. I like seeing the shoppers with lots of bags and cozy sweaters at the mall. I like walking out of the gym in the morning and feeling that brisk morning air. I mean I have even loved the changing trees. Who am I?! 

What's on your little list of loves? 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life Lately.....

....has been busy and crazy and so much fun

....when I was blonde. Not gonna lie; kinda missing my blonde locks these days! I can never make up my mind. But this day was so much fun. Wine festival with Whitney and her sister who was visiting from out of town. 


My friend Candace's husband Kevin turned 30 a few weeks back and she threw the biggest bash ever....complete with these amazing cupcakes. 

and a fire pit (with all firepits should be)
Kelly, Candace, Me and my 10 foot long legs! 


I don't know how I acquired all these culinary friends but boy am I glad I did (I think my thighs would disagree!) But when the Falcons played in London it translated to a 9am game and the perfect  excuse for brunch with friends.

Danielle, me and Whit  

Every year all the little babes of my coworkers come and trick or treat in the office. And we do it big with snacks and crafts, games and prizes and of course...way too much candy! I work with all men so occasionally I sneak over to this side of the office to hang with the witch doctors and fairies girls. 

This Halloween was probably one of my favorites ever. I went to the big party in Buckhead and had tons of fun. My girlfriends went as the dancer emoji on the iphone

I went as a devil (can be read...what I already had in my closet) 

 This time for my friend Ashley! And A Thursday night dinner celebration at a fun restaurant downtown. 

Yes....every town in Atlanta likes to have its own wine festival. And this one was the best by far. It was such a perfect day and I had the best time with my girls (and guys....not pictured). 

You know what the best part of having a pregnant friend is? Getting to go to all the restaurants they are craving with them. Love these two. We always have the best time. 


This was such a fancy night! My friend Jess knew the owner of this amazing new restaurant here in Atlanta called Gypsy Kitchen and he invited us to dinner with him....where we were treated like queens....queens who ate a whole freaking lot. 

so there's my post which...instead of "life lately"...could have really just been called "FOOD."

It's been a busy fall!
What's your favorite thing you've done this fall?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday's Letters.....Kanye, My Old Man Friend and Tutus

My love and me  He keeps me safe and wild I keep him safe and wild This works both ways
I just love this

Dear the iPhone 5...We had a lot of good memories but, namely, in the past two months my main memory has been of me and you...attached to the wall due to your ever-dying, every hour.Dear the iPhone 6....Nevermind that you refuse to sync all my songs except for the Taylor Swift ones (Suri who? I've named you Kanye). Nevermind the fact that your screen is the size of my head and when I go running it looks like I'm carrying around a pocket bible and not a phone...your battery lasts all day...and that's really all that matters.Dear Ed, My old man gym friend...You have returned, after 3 months. I was glad to see you back but then we stepped into creepy territory when you asked if I would ever run away with someone older than my Grandpa. Let's keep it in the friend zone Ed! Dear Halloween Candy...My strategy at the beginning of the week was to gain some self-control and just not eat you. My strategy today is just to finish you as fast as I can so you're not a daily pain point of guilt.Dear Halloween...I kind of miss you. I wish you were tonight again so I could relive you. Minus the whole freezing part. Way to drop 30 degrees on the one night I decide to wear a tutu Atlanta. #halloweenprobs

Happy Friday babes

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