Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Schmattering. Feat: Friendsgiving

Where did November go you guys?! I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving Week! I did something I have never done today - I took a day off to just do whatever I want.

Typically I take a day off for an event or because I have to travel somewhere. So today....today I slept in til 5 (yes, that's sleeping in, That weekday grind schedule is hard to abandon.) I worked out and took a barre class, I Christmas shopped, put up my tree, packed for home, went for an afternoon run and even fit in a nap. I am really cut out for this stay at home life. Who wants to adopt me? 

girl, gold, and sleep image

This post really has no rhyme or reason...just a schmattering (I love that word...It is also made up.) of thoughts. 

Today my maintenance man came in to change my air filter. I chatted with him for a few minutes, closed the door, looked in the mirror and realized I had a bright pink biore pore nose strip on. Facepalm.

We had Friendsgiving this weekend and it might be my favorite non-holiday!

 Love these girls!

 Our host and brand new wifey!

 The whole gang (minus Shannon! Man we miss her!)

Shannon....now the gang's all here.

At said Friendsgiving, I was in charge of an appetizer and since I'm looking to stretch my culinary skills I decided to make an avocado yogurt dip I'd seen on a blog. It called for a clove of garlic and four avocados. As I began cutting up the bulb of garlic, I got about half way through and thought, "man this seems like a lot of garlic for this much avocado." And then I thought....."hmmm, I wonder if A CLOVE means just one of these little nugget wedges." And indeed friends, it does. So...I brought Garlic Avocado Yogurt dip to friendsgiving.

I decorated for Christmas today. My artificial tree must have been doing some post-season shedding in its box because he's looking mighty see-through this year. I slammed on some extra ribbon and bows, barely can tell. I call it Charlie Brown Glam.

And that is all she wrote (for today.) 

Happy Thanksgiving Week Muffins! 


Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday's Letters....Hello, Girl Things, The Sun

Dear Adele – While I do love your new song, what is it about? Are you outside? Ring the doorbell. Dear this book club idea going around facebook - I don’t understand how I can mail one book out and get 36 back but, if this model works, can we ditch the books and mail out $100 bills instead? Dear Friends that are girls.....I have spent the last 3 days being the single female with 14 men in all day long meetings and dinners. Who wants to come over and paint nails, online shop and watch obscene amounts of Bravo TV? 

I love Kim Zolciak. If you're not already, follow her on snapchat. Hysterical 

Dear Friends that are girls again....While I am the furthest thing from a feminist, I participated in a 3 day study with a test pool of 14 in which it was confirmed that females are by far the superior race. Dear The Gym....After a week away, we were reunited yesterday and how I missed you! We're like a little morning family. Even the key tag checker said "Hey! It's been awhile."  Dear People that complain incessantly about all the rain on Facebook...it's sunny today so I better see all ya'll hiking, biking, wearing sunglasses, having good hair days, lathering on the sunscreen, walking your dogs and having picnics.

 But for real...every person in Atlanta come summer

Dear the Holiday Cups at Starbucks....You are literally the dumbest debate ever to be had. I worry for our culture #sincewhenisrednotaholidaycolor? Dear The Weekend...While I will be spending quite some time teaching at barre this weekend, I will not be spending it in front of my computer like last weekend. Bring on the fun! 

What are you all doing this weekend?!

XO, A 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Friday's Letters....On a Sunday

Dear Little Blog...How I've missed you! I'ts been a whole week (plus two days) and I've been dying to write a bunch of posts. I've been submerged in prep for a huge client meeting next week so my days have been spent having the most intimate relationship with my laptop. #lifegoals #saidnooneever

Dear Miranda Lambert....I've never really paid much attention to you but after this whole Blake/Gwen drama, I think you are one classy little lady. Dear Ellie Goulding....Mind.Blown. Your whole album (well what's released of it) is incredible but this song has my heart.  

Dear Rain Coat....You might as well be my arm. Here we are on our 13th day of rain in Atlanta (after a two day break from the previous 14 day stint of rain.) I've divorced the umbrella as it's too difficult. Plus the fact that rain feels like normal weather now...I'm rain immune. Dear the Sun....Don't you fret. One day I'm going to tell my kids all about you and how yellow and warm you were. #Neverforget Dear Pure Barre Training this weekend.....Holy Tucking! I think I might need a cain after this past Saturday. Such an amazing training though and a great afternoon emerged in one of the things I love the most. 
Nursing Assessment - Pain Scale...  LOL:

Dear Readers....Who knows when I will blog again....two days, two weeks, a month? I'm sure the suspense will keep you up at nights....and by you, I mean my mom and sister.

Happy New Week!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday's Letters.....Who is Feat?, Minion She-Bosses and Yoga Friends

Writing isn't letters on paper. It's communication. It's memory. 

Dear Shannon....On our way to Clemson we were listening to the radio and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" came on. The song was labeled "Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" and you asked me "Who Feat was?" And every time I see ole "Feat" on a song, I can't help but laugh. He is everywhere - so famous that Feat! 
Minutes before discovering "Feat." is not a real person...the crushing disappointment. 

Dear Halloween....My adoration for you was confirmed again this morning as I saw business-man turned Cowboy and She-Bosses turned minion all strolling into the office this morning.
My graphic designer Stefanay (yes that's spelled right!) dressed as Wednesday Adams. She truly is a Wednesday Adams at heart - lover of all things black, creepy headless dolls and other spooky things. 

Dear Instagram Friend Adrienne.....You are one of those people I don't remember why we started following each other but you're one of my IG besties now and because of it, you've inspired me to start yoga! Anyone else do buti yoga?! It's so pretty! 
Instagram Friend Adrienne!

Dear The Gym....We've had a rough time meeting up this week. My bed is so much more welcoming than you. But today was leg day and we crushed it! And by we, I mean me. 

Dear Last Night...Was it national pumpkin carving day? My entire snapchat was of pumpkin carving! My last go round with the 'ole carving knife was 2 years ago and I still think I have a hand cramp from it. You know what should come in those plastic carving tool sets? A man. 

Happy Halloween Friday my little lovebug readers! How are you spending your ghostly weekend?! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Spooky Saturday

As many of you know I was in a very special wedding this past weekend which I will recap very soon but....until I can weed through the hundreds of pictures I took, I'll recap my Saturday night instead! My friend Allie who I met earlier this year has an annual Halloween party. She decks her house out, makes theme food (who doesn't like theme food?!) and dons the best costumes. 
Allie, Kristin, Me, Some Random Really Sober Creeper and Chelsea on St. Patrick's Day....we're real holiday people. 

Since I love Halloween, I was IN for the party! I saw a costume on Pinterest years ago that I loved - Day of the Dead. 'Ya Heard? 

Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday where friends and family gather to remember their loved ones who have passed. The belief is that their loved one's spirits come down to watch and participate in the celebrations - so, I went as a  Day of the Dead Spirit (i.e. a dressed up dead person). Spooky and Lovely!

Makeup Complete!

I made this! Seriously...for someone who has more Pinterest fail projects under her belt than needles on a pine tree, this was a BIG deal. You would have thought this thing was the $1 million dollar Victoria Secret bra.

Can't get enough of myself. I kid I kid.....In all reality....those scar and bone drawings were a beast to get off. I basically have no skin left. 

Me and the sexy Catwoman host  Allie!

How adorable are these cookies?!  

Werewolf of London....I believe this is from an old song lyric?

New Friend Superwoman.....also goes by Linnea

Gah, the photobombers

I think I love Halloween because it takes you back to your younger years of dressing up and pretending, if just for a night. Your reality can be anything you want (this would have been so much better if I went as something inspirational like a doctor or a hero and not a dead person....but you get the idea.) 

Happy ALMOST Halloween. 

XO, Booo, A

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Evening Confessions

Ahh it's been awhile but, confessions are good for the soul yes?

I Confess....I'm in love with my vacuum. I know this makes me approximately 75 years old but it's  new and I find myself vacuuming 3 times a week just to bust it out. I think we can say I've firmly moved into adulthood. 

Confession in a confession...This poster hung above my bed all throughout college.When I'm a fan I go all the way. Taylor Swift now hangs above my bed (I kid I kid!)

I Confess...I cried over not going to the gym tonight. Like irrational crocodile tears. It's been a really tough few weeks and for some reason I had my heart set on going to the gym after work. It was the only day I didn't have to work late or teach in the past couple weeks. But after sitting in traffic for an hour and going 0.4 miles (yes you read that correct) I realized the gym was not going to happen. I also shattered my favorite bottle of perfume this morning and spilled coffee all over my floor....and yes, I know these are trivial, first world problems. These are confessions not boasts.

I  Confess...I adore Bindi Irwin. It's been so cool to see her personality on Dancing With the Stars and this tribute dance she did for her dad had me a soggy mess. Seriously, this is worth the four minutes (your boss won't mind I promise.)

I Confess...I've got a certain Sur on my mind....And that would be Big Sur out in California. Ever since I discovered what a little hidden gem it was, I can't stop researching and planning and wanting to visit. Who wants to come with me?!

I Confess...I'm super excited for this week! Whitney gets married on Friday and I can't wait to watch her walk down the aisle and see all of my girlies I don't get to ever see.

I Confess....This song has been on repeat for me lately. I think Demi Lovato is a musical genius.

What do you confess?


Monday, October 12, 2015

That Time I Was A Human Sponge

In my last post I mentioned that my sister and I were traveling to Clemson last weekend for the Notre Dame game and that inclement weather was predicted. If you've been watching the news you've probably seen that South Carolina has been flooding. Thankfully my family is all ok and safe. 

But the weather in Clemson Saturday could only be described as Noah-ish. Nevertheless...in true fan fashion, we loaded up the ponchos and rain coats and headed out early Saturday. The game wasn't until 8pm but Gameday was there and we'd never seen Kirk Herbstreit the show live! 

Up with the sun

At Gameday! The rain held off right until the end! 

Amazing seats that let us get close to the field! Also layered up in oh you know......6 layers.  #fluffy 

Our Seats! Shannon had gotten us amazing seats and then some nice old man gave us extra tickets that got us even lower in the deck. So nice! 

Right before kickoff! 

And then the pictures stopped...because the rain started and we were drenched. I can't even describe how soaked we were. All 6 of my layers were sopping wet. I walked into the ladies restroom, grabbed a paper towel and it disintegrated....human sponge for real! I'm not going to lie, I had a "Ross moment" in that same ladies room because trying to pull jeans on and off that are basically carrying about 30 pounds of water in them is a little impossible. I was about to send up an SOS flare to Shannon only my phone was in my 4th most bottom layer. 

And if you don't know what I'm referencing, you need to do yourself a little Monday favor and click here

Towards the end of the game I had to look at the lights to see if it was still raining because I could no longer tell. I was rain immune. 

But despite all the rain, we really did have so much fun. And even though our Irish lost and Clemson fans are super obnoxious, it was so nice to have a weekend with Shannon cheering on our Irish.  

How did you spend your weekend?! 
XO, A 
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