Friday, April 14, 2017


This little space. 

It's housed so many memories. 

The start of so many permanent, lifelong friendships. 

And, most recently, a lot of white space! 

Back in January I received my annual reminder from GoDaddy to renew the hosting for this site and even though I hadn't put pen to paper fingers to keyboard in months, I couldn't just ignore that email. This space is mine and though I doubt anyone is clamoring for this URL, I couldn't take the chance. So, Run With Me lives another year! Though I'm in a season of life where blogging is not part of my life, I don't quite feel done.  

Maybe I'll be back with a little more fitness focus, or a health focus. (Can you believe I don't eat frozen meals anymore?! Chocolate milk and I still remain forever friends....some things never change.) Or perhaps I'll hit  "publish" on the hundreds of posts I've written and saved to draft! 

I n  t h e  m e a n t i m e . . . 

Celebrating another year of Run With Me and  

more importantly, Easter!

I hope you all have a beautiful Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

But on that day
What seemed as the darkest hour
A violent hope
Broke through and shook the ground
And as You rose
The Light of all the world was magnified
And You rose in victory

Hallelujah it is finished 
Hallelujah it is done 
Hallelujah King forever! 

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I've never been a big resolutions girl.

I've tried to be.

I've created neat spreadsheets with goals just pouring out from key category headers: spiritual, physical, financial, personal. But by the middle of the quarter I'd find myself discouraged that I was falling short on my financial goal or I'd failed to make time for that friend I said I would. And it became a burdensome to-do list that landed in the resolutions graveyard.

So I just stopped resolution-ing.
Not that I don't have goals, goals are important. I just don't write them down with a start date of January 1st anymore.

This year, I've decided to focus on just one word, one thing or theme that I want to be present in my life and true of me. And that is joy.

I didn't assign a theme to last year but if I would have, the back 10 probably would have been "survival." And that probably sounds dramatic but it's the word that kept coming to mind as I thought back through my year. I recalled a specific conversation I had with my mom on a particularly hard day about finding joy in each day. She said even if it's seeing a cute dog on the street, even if that's all you have that day, find something to be joyful about. And though that sounds simple enough and perhaps like a New Year's cop-out, that's my focus for the year. No resolutions, just joy.
Joy in the daily, joy in the mundane, joy in the good, joy in the hard.

Yesterday didn't feel like a new day. I didn't pop out of bed with a smile on my face and feet set to dancing. It felt like just another day on the same journey. But, there was a renewed sense of grace and joy.

To a joyful New Year, friends.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Be Still....And Know.

Four words that I wear every day on a bangle I acquired back in April. At this point, said bangle which is made of pewter is as tarnished as a penny from 1860 that's seen it's day in countless coin purses and probably an occasional night or two on the floor of a grocery store parking lot. Yet every day I continue to slip it on, snug next to my Fitbit. Because in between the dappled dark spots of oxidation, I can still read those words. 

And each time I glance down, it's a reminder and a message so in contrast to the words and memes that fill my social media feeds with sayings like "you must create your own opportunities" and "the best way to predict the future is to create it" and "get up and grind." I certainly think there's a place in each day for working hard and having goals to work towards. We're called to be hard workers and present in the jobs we've been given. We're called to take care of our bodies which requires smart food choices and physical activity.  

But creating my future? Making what I want just happen as if I were baking a cake and it's a matter of grabbing some eggs and sugar and throwing them all together? I've taken a different perspective on that one in these past months. Because I can't. Even typing those words out makes me tense up because I tend to be a very "can do" girl. I can do those push-ups on my toes. I can learn and talk knowledgeably about something called Market Penetration that has way too many rules. I can. 

So to say I can't and be still...literally...stop, do nothing. That's been a challenging lesson this year. Which is why I'm so thankful for the other half of this verse...."And know that I am God."  

 When I am still, I am not just abandoning my hopes, dreams, fears, worries, desires...I am leaving them in the capable hands of God....who CAN do anything.   

I keep this picture on my phone. Yes I know that it's just a picture of Mel Gibson talking to the actor that played Jesus in Passion of the Christ. But when I look at it, it's such a reminder to me of how present the Lord is. I imagine Mel Gibson is me....and you...and no matter where we go, there is Jesus...covered in proof of His love for us...sitting next to us, listening to exactly what troubles our hearts. 

And we're never alone. And that's exactly why we can be still. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Shower Power

It's been a full month of babies and it doesn't stop there! I currently have 8 pregnant friends - all having boys with the exception of one! But last month, I got to celebrate with my three college roomies and their first, second and third babies. 

My first stop was in Greenville to meet Tara and Joe's newest addition. Grayson was supposed to be a June baby but decided to join the party early in May. Savannah is at such a fun stage, she was just a little bigger than Grayson the last time I saw her! Such a fun afternoon with these muffins. 

After seeing the newest Pinilla, I headed to Rina's baby Shower. Rina, Tara and I were all RA's together in college where we met. We've lived so much life together so it's so fun to see them in this phase of life. Rina moved to Boston a couple years ago; I was excited to finally see her again! Can't wait to see Baby Dev in just another month-ish! 

Throwback to our last year of college! 

Last weekend it was off to Columbia to shower Kayla and her third baby and first son! I met Kayla the very first week of college and we've been the best of friends since. Baby boy Wilkes is going to be so, so loved. 

Kayla and I at Tigerburn in 2006! 

My girls!

3 down and 5 to's going to be a busy fall! 

Happy belated Fourth of July! What did everyone do?!
XO, A 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Start of Summer

Hard to believe it's June already. Of course I love summer but part of me is sad so much of the year is already gone by. Little life updates about some sweet friends in my life..... 

My Charleston friends came to visit me for a weekend back in May! I adore these girls. I've been friends with them for 7 years now and every time we hang out it's as if nothing has changed. So much food, shopping and talking went down in two days; signs of a solid weekend! 
Kristin and I


Prints on prints on prints 

Dinner at Doraku, fun little sushi spot. Love them - wish we lived closer! 

And then last weekend, my original Atlanta crew (minus Shannon and Nina) all got together for dinner at Yebo, an old spot that opened in a new place. Fun to catch up with these girls after much too long time apart. 
We actually did not coordinate these outfits - great minds just think alike! 

Picture with my little world traveler in the parking garage! Had to get one in! 

And though I didn't get to see her this week, a special shout-out to my sweet Indiana friend, Katie Linde, whose package and heartfelt words made my week. So lucky to have her. 
Back in August at one of Atlanta's landmarks....the Sprinkles cupcake ATM 

How are you kicking off your summer?!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Joy List

Life is a balancing act . Without sadness how can one understand the joyfulness :)♥ I am just saying ...:

...The Joy list....

Charles Stanley Youtube Channel

Anyone going through a hard time? Trust that God is still working.  Inspirational quotes - Inspired wall art - Charles F. Stanley:
I currently go to Buckhead church which is led by Andy Stanley but I've started listening to Andy's dad, Charles, on Youtube and I feel like a kid in a candy store. His messages have been like hope in word form these past few weeks. I'm so glad there's so many on Youtube; it's like a good book that you don't want to end.

Speaking of good books...

My Aunt Robin is a published author!
My Aunt has been a writer for awhile now but recently her first book was published and, you guys, it is SO good! I read it before it was released and couldn't put it down which, if you know me, is a big deal since I average about 1.5 books a year. (I am the worst book club member of all time.) If you want to check it out, you can do so here. So excited for her!

Ilene and Puppies 
Ilene has been one of my very best friends since I was 6. And even though we've lived hundreds to thousands of miles away from one another, we've always kept in touch and somehow, managed to land only about 45 minutes away from each other now! She and Ryan (her husband) recently lost their sweet puppy Zooey which was so heartbreaking. But...on the same day...little Taylor Swift was born and I'm so excited for them.

I think Taylor is a fan!

Talking of puppies always makes me miss my little O'malley....this very much and appropriately reminds me of him....
@shannon2846  @ktk5  Mals! :):

Kayla Itsines BBG
app, kayla itsines, and breakfast image
The highlight of my day is typically always going to the gym. It just starts my day off right and I feel so accomplished after a good workout. I've been challenging myself more with the BBG HIIT workouts, added in about four two-a-days and more cardio in the mornings but I truly do love it. It's definitely exhausting though...I think I've been averaging a 9:30PM bedtime (I am a billion years old.)

Passing Tests
Very proud of this girl (my chocolate milk twin ha!) She had a big test that we've been anticipating and praying for for awhile and today....SHE PASSED!


I really hit the mom jackpot when it came to moms. Sad I can't spend Mother's Day with her but so happy I get to have her every day in my life (or that she puts up with me every day! haha) Also glad we both gave up 80s hair and Big bangs!

What makes you joyful?


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Come like hope again

It's been really difficult to write on Run With Me as of late.

I keep coming back to this place and opening up a blank page and just nothing seems to come.

 This space used to serve as a distraction and an outlet in all seasons of life. The past couple months have been incredibly challenging and hard and sad. I find that the things I hold most dear, I am no longer so anxious to share in public. I'd rather keep them close to my heart instead. 
girl, apple, and bed image

I've even thought long and hard about perhaps retiring Run With Me but, I don't think I'm quite ready to say goodbye to this place I've called mine for 7 years now. Sunday will mark 7 years that I started Run With Me.   

I've been looking back on posts from just a year ago and am so fascinated at the person I find there behind the words. It seems I do not know her. A girl so intent on staying busy, on having plans, on making things happen in her life only to realize she could not. 

I've been learning a lot these past few weeks, mostly about patience, and God's timing, about waiting for the desires of your heart. 

Waiting is a word that has such a terrible connotation to it these days. We're such a non-wait culture. We encourage each other to move on to the next so quickly, convincing one another there's something better if we just press on, that blessings are certainly not found in the silence. 

But what if they are?

I've found that sometimes someone or something captures you so deeply, it becomes worth the wait. 

So, I'm learning patience. Which means most days I go kicking and crying to the place of understanding this is a time of patience. I can be a slow learner. :)

And more than that, more than the wait. I'm learning trust in a plan and timing that may not be my own. Which is hard for me. I've always been a "work hard and achieve your goals" kinda girl. Instant gratification. This is why me and microwave meals were tight friends for so long. 


Charles Stanley said that a problem will usually challenge our faith in some way. And my mom said that it's usually when we give something over to God and trust Him with it, that's when He gives it back to us. Mom and fridge is literally sticky-note-littered with their wise statements! Learning trust. 

And let me tell you, calculus and economics are way more fun lessons to learn than patience and trust. But are probably lessons I'll actually use in life. 

Admittedly not the most "fun" post to mark 7 years, but a glimpse into life lately. 

Take this mountain weight
Take these ocean tears
Hold me through this trial
Come like hope again.

  XO, A