Tuesday, April 14, 2015

That month we ran a lot

Remember when I was training for 10ks and half marathons and wrote about running.....a LOT.

And then remember when I got a little burnt out on running and wrote about other important things like Miley Cyrus's desperate need for a bra and my lifelong dream of holding a baby lion (seriously, who can make this happen?)  

Well this month has been a month of races and training and it's reminded why I loved(d) running so much. 

A couple weeks ago I ran the Color Run with some of my girlfriends because...who doesn't like being shades of blue and pink for three days?! 

Kelly and I! Chamberlain had these amazing shirts printed for us. Yes, they say "Show me your kitties" (hence the cat ears.) Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain the shirts were from the children's department. They were SO unflattering!!  But we just ran with (get it?!) Ha!



Team Glitter Kitties 

 We were SO dirty! And this year they added in glitter....Two weeks later and I'm still brushing glitter out of my hair. I'm basically a fairy at this point. 

 It's important to be well-coordinated

 Let's ignore the fact that I am the only one not off the ground in this picture....A for effort right? 

If you're wondering why I'm not joining in the sweatband party, it's because I looked like the bald man on Etch-a-Sketch. Not good friends, not good. My sweat band found it's second life as a garter. We also discovered at the start of the race that my pants were blatantly see through so I rocked the jacket around the waist like it was 1995. Good times. 



Last weekend I ran a 10K with another group of friends. It was my friend Jessica's first 10K -she just got into running and she KILLED it! She did amazing. I was so proud!

Nate, Whitney, Me, Jessica and Chris

About to start! Pardon the cleavage sternum shot #iwish 

And that, friends, has been April so far. I'm leaving Thursday for vacation and I am BEYOOOOOOOND excited! Can't wait to share! 

Have you Color Run'd before? 


Friday, April 10, 2015

I have lots of things to say today

So I kind of write blog posts as I go. I can't just sit down and write most days unless I'm doing a recap on something. So whenever something "hits" me, I write it down - a note in my phone, on my planner, in my work notes, random napkins. So at about 10pm last night I went in to add pictures for a Friday's Letters I was sure I had content for.....but it appears I actually didn't translate those thoughts anywhere this week. They live somewhere in my head...just apparently not in my memory. 

So instead of Friday's Letters....I give you a smattering of thoughts and things I love from the week

This picture of my best friend's baby. I just love this picture. She labeled it "turkey whisperer." I always tell Kayla, when I'm ready for kids, I just want one of hers. They're too cute! 

Jana. I met Jana through blogging when she blogged too. We've met once before and talk literally all the time. She was in town for the week and we happy hour'd it up twice. So.much.fun. 

The Pool. I did something very unlike me this week. I left work and went to the pool....for two whole hours I acted like I was in college and just skipping an afternoon class. I'm a little burnt out and needed a mental break. And should I have any secret work followers.....sshhhhh!

Alexander. My sweet friend Jess had this sweet little nugget last week when he made his surprise early arrival. Isn't he amazing?

My Pure Barre Class last night. I'll admit that my last few classes haven't been the strongest - just not where I want them to be. But last night's class was freaking on point! 

This picture because....it's seriously amazing and makes me laugh

How are you celebrating the weekend?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Best Part

You know what the best part about having a sister is? 

Basically everything....

She's your best friend for life 
(maybe not from the ages of 12-17....but after that it's totally like BFFL.)

You share inside jokes that no one else gets but are in fact...hilarious

You always have someone to make poor dietary decisions with 

You always have someone pushing you to be better

You always have someone to blow it up with you 
(I cannot tell you how many people forget to blow it up...crucial.)

And today happens to be my sister's birthday. Can't say enough what a special little lady this one is and how much I adore her. We have so much fun together - you are irreplaceable. <3 

Happy Birthday Mooks! 

"I loved you too much to just be a friend so God made you my sister." 


Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday's Letters....The One with the Citizens Arrest, the tank incident and 13 Sleeps

Lol funny 
Dear Mailman....I am fairly certain you are stealing my mail. I receive 3 out of about every 5 cards I'm supposed to receive. I really hope you enjoy those Sephora coupons my mom sent last week. Dear Client...We've worked together on and off for the past two years and you just realized this week that I'm an Account Manager. You thought I was a paralegal. I'm not saying this has gone to my head or anything but I feel fully prepared now to execute a citizen's arrest. 

Dear Light Gray Tank...You are like my all time favorite work out tank. However it was after a sweaty run on the treadmill Tuesday that I looked down and noticed my entire stomach was covered in sweat that had seeped through my shirt. No big deal normally. Only I had self-tanned the night before and my entire shirt was covered in brown sweat....I mean, attractive. Dear Self-Tanner...I think our relationship is too aggressive. Dear Pharrell....For the longest time I've been fairly impartial to you, just thinking you were a music dude who wore an Arby's hat. But I just saw an interview with you and you really impressed me. Fan 4 life as they say 

Dear Shalyn, Erica, Rissy and Sabrina....One year ago today we were all meeting in an airport in Vegas for the weekend of our lives. Just 13 sleeps and we get to do it all again. I CAN'T WAIT!! I miss ya'll!! Dear Australia....I just love your people. The other day I was on a customer service chat with a company located in Aussie Land and the agent called me "babes" and signed off with "xo :)." I love it. 

Dear Friday.... Let's party!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last Tuesday night was sheer magic! 
By now I think it's clear that my taste in music runs about equivalent with the latest version of Kidz Bop. That being said I went to see Ariana Grande in concert and she was AMAZING. She's one of my favorite artists and I really wanted to go see her. However, convincing someone else to invest the 70 bones in a ticket was not such an easy feat. 

Miraculously I was gifted two tickets to see her and my friend Kristin was just as excited to go as me. I texted her with only 4 hours til concert time and she was so game. She arrived at my place with Ariana pony in place and the best winged eye liner job I've seen outside a MAC store. We texted each other pics of our outfits and were hysterically in pretty much the same get-up. 

Please ignore my messy living room. I had like 30 minutes to transform from professional to 17 year old! 

Before we battled ATL traffic we decided it was only appropriate to make a stop at Starbucks and order an Ariana Grande. And yes, this is a real drink. It's on Starbucks Secret Menu and it is UGH-mazing. It's about 27 different kinds of sugar but you won't regret it. 

Once we made it to the arena.....ok, once we got lost trying to find parking....twice...and made it to the arena, we walked right into these incredible seats and the finial performance of the opener, Rixton. Who is also great. 

And because a week later, I'm still on my Ariana Grande high (and I don't mean a sugar high from the drink) I thought I'd leave you with my two favorite songs!

If you ever have the chance to see her, don't hesitate. Her voice is sheer incredible. 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Confessions

I Confess....my worst fear has come true....an office potluck. It's an international potluck and you're supposed to bring something from your background or heritage. I asked our office manager if I could bring Little Debbie's because, I'm Southern and Southern people love those little bags of processed sugary goodness. She was not opposed.....zebra cakes here I come. 

I Confess...I am the worst hair cut client of ALL time. I went in for a trim last Friday and after drilling into my stylist's head that I wanted to walk out looking the exact same and making sure he understood the exact meaning of a quarter inch, I made him stop mid-cut. He was getting scissor-happy. He followed me out with the shears saying he just needed to finish. I told him we were done cutting. 


I Confess...I didn't feel bad for being a brat to my stylist. He pointed out that I had a gray hair...and then went on to say that gray hair is sexy on men but not so much on women. Guess who we won't be seeing again.

I Confess...Whilst sitting at a stoplight after work the other day, I pulled up next to a driver blasting the most vulgar little diddy. I ever so subtly rolled my window down just a few tiny inches at a time....and then proceeded to blast the following song. Within seconds he rolled his windows up an zoomed away when the light turned green. I will always win the blasting music war.  Truth.

What do you confess?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bar Thoughts

Just kidding....I meant barre thoughts! 
(See what I did there...in case you didn't I underlined it!) 

By far the best thing that happened to me last year was joining pure barre.

In March I decided I needed something more to occupy my time. So I emailed the main address at the studio closest to me. I asked if they needed desk help. And the next day they emailed me back and said possibly. Hours later I was going on an interview with the new owner who had just taken ownership two months before. And by the end of the interview we were talking about schedules. 

A few weeks in I was overwhelmed with a capital O. My life til then was consumed by my "real job" and I heavily contemplated quitting Pure Barre. But I really hate quitting. Like it's not in my DNA. And I stuck with it until I realized that this is what setting limits looks like. This is what creating work-life balance is. Pure Barre was something for me. And if that meant leaving work....on time....a couple days, that's what it meant. 

And I am forever thankful I did. 

In January I went to training to become an instructor and this past weekend I found out that I had passed!! I'm officially an instructor and I'm SO excited! I've been co-teaching for a couple months now but will have my own classes moving forward. 

Beyond being an incredible workout and literally changing my body (I'm talking to you lifted rear end) I have gotten to know some of the most incredible women. It's hard to find a group of women where you like every single one of them. But I've found that here. 

Even our clients are amazing. Even though we only see each other a few times a week, we get to know one another. We've cried over lost jobs together, celebrated over babies and the return to the barre for baby bounceback. We've ooh'd and ahh'd over the return of the "skinny jeans" and overall just laughed a lot....(well and maybe cursed a lot during knee dancing!) 

The moral of the story....always ask. You never know where it might lead you to. 

Also, you should come see me at the barre! :) 

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