Friday, August 28, 2015

When the sun don't shine

Do you ever wish that sometimes you could just freeze time and live in that moment for forever? 

Even in mundane things - like, why can't the house stay perfectly clean? Why a week later has the laundry and dishes piled up, the shower started to collect little remnants of soap scum. Why does an amazing workout require you to start over and do it again the very next day to be effective?

But especially in the bigger moments...moments when sheer happiness just takes over and everyone and everything is good? There's no lingering thought of fear or worry or doubt that takes over your mind. You look in the mirror and like who you see. Where the truths about who you are flood your heart and fill your mind. And the people in your life who bring you joy are there to stay.

I snapped this picture a few weeks back when I was leaving the gym. The sun just ripping open the morning sky and promising a day full of hope and beautiful things. And a day in which I had one of those "live in this moment forever" kinds of feelings.

But sometimes the sun doesn't shine. 
And sometimes the days are long and dark and gloomy. And there is no chance of any sun peaking through. And what are you to do on those days? And what are you to do in those moments that seem so unchanging? When you are powerless?

The Atlanta Sky Today

To be a little less elusive and a little more direct...The past couple weeks have been custom-designed for the bottom of a toilet. And heartache so deep I didn't don't know what to do with it.

And on my search for understanding and trying to answer the so many "why's?", as I think we all do in such treacherous situations, I stumbled across a few thoughts from Andy Stanley.

He was telling this story about a Bible character named Paul who had this huge hardship in life and begged God to change it. God ultimately said no but that His grace was sufficient for Paul. And Paul's response was:"I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."
And I have to say that option does not seem appealing. there a Door #3 I can choose from? 


But sometimes there is no door number 3. And there are no answers. And the sun doesn't shine.

My Finest Day Is Yet Unknown

But somehow strength in weakness as your only option...seeing your situation as a gift (mind you the worst gift of all time) is still a better option than seeing it as a result of some deficiency in your own life. Or any of the answers we always seem to give each other (myself included)....Just keep being faithful, Pray More, Do More, Serve More, Just.keep.waiting.

So this....this is today. And in part an explanation for my absence.

This post has taken many shapes over the past couple of days. Last week it ended right after that second picture and just said "This isn't a self-help blog so I don't know."

Tomorrow we might return to being face-planted on the floor ugly crying like a contestant on the Bachelor.

But here we are, surviving one minute at a time. Sometimes that means posts like this....sometimes it may mean posts on how I bought out the Preparation H at the Walmart to deal with puffy under eyes.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Letters....Italian, Blog-Pimpin' and Burning House

Bucket List

Dear Client...I really need to brush up on my language skills. You spoke in French to me the other day and I responded with "si si." I bet you're glad you're leaving your account in my hands! On that note....Dear Italian CDs.....I found you during my massive spring, fall summer cleaning and it appears you and I have a hot date this weekend. Dear Ashley...Your schedule this week has basically consisted of going to the gym, going straight to work, then straight to Pure Barre, home at 9pm and in bed by 10. Somewhere along the line you got adulting all wrong. 

Dear Kat.....Your post yesterday where you so lovingly pimped out my blog (hey girl hey), meant SO much to me! To say it made my week would be neither a lie nor an understatement. From my heart, thank you. Dear Coworker Who Called Me Snooki This Week....I don't care what you think, the half top-knot is grossly under appreciated. It's the perfect style for say...someone who hasn't washed her hair...hypothetically.

Top knots

Dear New Orleans...We meet next week. And I can only hope that I will see more of you than the inside of  your Marriott. Dear This Song....I've been playing you on repeat lately, love your lyrics. You know I have to share my favorite music loves with you all. I would make a fabulous dj....for like a 13-year old's slumber party. 

Happy Friday Friends!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

I woke up thinking today was a Friday....I still wore jeans to work anyway. I can't be tamed.

Anyway....what better things to do on a Wednesday that should be a Friday than post some random thoughts.

I've recently changed up my workouts. I still do barre about three times a week because....who doesn't like a lifted booty?! But instead of straight weight training, I've added in circuits, LISS and HIIT which, to be frank, are awful. But, I feel very effective and a nice change. I did treadmill sprints today and they were exhilarating yet horrific. There has never been a longer minute than the one in which you are sprinting on a treadmill. 

I am recently obsessed with the show Big Brother. I only started watching because one of my guy friend's exes was on there. But within days, I was hooked......The strategy...The backdooring....The romances - both strange ones and cute ones. I cannot get enough. (My favorite is that see-through kid in the rainbow shorts in the back.)


I'm a big makeup junkie as in I adore trying new products and can get lost in a Sephora for hours....sample me up lady! But recently, I've been more focus on skin care and finding out what my skin needs. Instead of covering up those puffy under eyes with a roller ball and concealer, I've been hydrating my skin more. 


Since I started writing this post, I have done a HIIT workout, circuit workout and took a Pure Barre!


For the first time in my life since I was 13.....I am contemplating a shorter haircut. Only because I'm really loving this look. 

What random thoughts are passing through your head today? 


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lessons From Mexico

I've been delaying my final post about  Mexico  because, I looked forward to that trip for so long and a blog post seem to really signify the end....I want to live in my little Mexico wonderland for a while longer. In the meantime....I learned some important things from my first stint abroad.  


#1 The Airlines should really be clearer when discussing the international paperwork you fill out on the plane. That half sheet of paper they give you when you get off the plane is actually your ticket out of the country. I thought it was my receipt for visiting Mexico. 

The 5 seconds in Mexico my hair was straight

#2 If you have naturally curly hair, just embrace it. I had the most aggressive relationship with my flat iron ever and became a dictator about taking pictures within 3 minutes of finishing getting ready. At one point, Danielle and I were having a meltdown in our room because it was SO humid,our floor was actually, literally and physically wet with condensation. #girlprobs #bighairandidocare


#3 Mexico has no concept of time. We were told there would be a 15 minute wait to get into Coco Bongo. Translated = 1 hour. The next day our trip home from snorkeling was estimated at 30 minutes. Translated = 2 hours. Grab your saltines and Dramamine if your're not a good traveler because Mexico is located somewhere in a time vortex. 


#4 There are no rules in Mexico....just suggestions. Except when it comes to your pool towel. There are no rules not lose your pool towel! Apparently if you lose your bleached out ragged pool towel that you have to sign your room key card and part of your soul over are S.O.L. But everything else....topless on the beach....drugs in da club...being incomprehensibly wasted at 1pm....totally fine.  

» Apply for STA Travel’s World Traveler Internship :: Vagablogging :: Rolf Potts Vagabonding Blog

#5 Do not ask the Customs Passport dude to restamp your passport.....I'm just going to say that when someone hands you a blank passport, they may be excited to get their first stamp....and when you barely dip your stamp in ink and leave what looks like a half-washed off child's tattoo some people may be a little disappointed and ask you to try again with a little more ink and a little more effort. This is apparently frowned upon. 

What lessons have your learned traveling?!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting To Know You

I like to know random things about people. I think it's what makes them unique and interesting. And I tend to remember them all. So here's a few about me! Leave something about yourself in the comments! 

I picked my major after watching a movie....Hallmark put out this movie my senior year called This Time Around and it was about this girl who managed the public relations for a guy opening a restaurant. Naturally they fell in love. And she had amazing clothes. And she got to do things like pick paint colors and arrange flowers. PR isn't really like that. It's a lot of press release writing for riveting things like ground breakings and whose running for local School Chair and crisis management. Basically there's a lot more paper work and a lot less making out. Don't pick your major from a movie kids.

I put everything in excel....need to dust and do laundry? That clearly calls for an excel to-do list. I lead an organized life what can I say.


I listen to music more than I watch TV.

I don't sleep a lot....Like, average 5 hours a night. "Sleeping in" is filed under anything more than 8 hours. 10+ hours would be considered straight up hibernation.

I joke that I am a Stage-5 Spider-Monkey Clinger.....Most would find this an alarming quality. I however think it means I just REALLY love people like a whole lot. It allows me the ability to keep loving people even when they're basically married with three children (cough cough gym boy).

I'm not this creepy...I just love her character!

I didn't dress up for Halloween until I was in college. Growing up our family was never big on Halloween...we celebrated "harvest"...which thankfully still involves mass amounts of candy AND games like eating a powdered donuts off a string with no hands...I mean, skills. So in my adult life I have a newfound love for Halloween....basically I just like to dress up as all the things I'd like to be...cheerleader....prom queen....#homeschoolprobs 

My first adult Halloween. I was a love bug. And those wings were a bad idea. I can't tell you how many belt loops and door handles I got caught on that night. Clearly "sexy halloween" was not my forte. 

I am an awesome driver but a terrible parker....I should probably clarify that by "awesome driver" I mean incredibly safe driver...I'm no Mario Andretti on the streets of Atlanta. (But then again, no one really is. With so much traffic, I think we get to go about max 30 miles per hour on a good day.) But seriously, why is parking so hard? I mean, it's right up there with putting air in your tires.

Now that I've solidified myself as nerdy, music-loving, Grandma-driver....who REALLLLY loves people....and Halloween, tell me something about YOU!

Happy Almost Friday!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's Letters....Pink Hair, Fall In Love and Office Socks

Dear Readers...Happy Friday! I'm taking off early to go celebrate one of my best friend's birthday in South Carolina! Dear Pink Hair...My own hair doesn't like dye, harsh chemicals, heat or non-sulphate shampoos (I mean...diva!) but I kinda love this look for fun. 
#Scene #hairstyles Taylor Swift - "22" (Red) - BBMA: 2013
Dear Alaska....I kind of want to visit you. I am a beach person through and through but I've been researching this great snowy state. It just intrigues me. So much wildlife and raw beauty. Dear This Song....I am OBSESSED with this you. You need this on your ipod. 

Dear Coworker.....I wish you would wear your shoes. You've recently taken to just sporting your socks around the office. BUT, you have stopped playing talk radio out loud and taking your conference calls right behind my desk win some, you lose some I guess. - Timeline Photos | via Facebook

Dear Ashley....You probs shouldn't blast your music so loud. You walked away from your desk listening to itunes for a good, 10 minutes, only to return and realize that you had been blasting the most emo, sad Pandora channel (think Evanescence) for all your coworkers. #facepalm Dear Taylor Swift...As always I'm loving  your music but some songs are just speaking so loud this week. #Taylorforever!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday.....A Roach Tale

Remember when Wordless Wednesday Posts was a thing? 

Guess whose bringing them back.....this girl


And words are  needed. Except for maybe nightmares....and questions. 

Are there more? Where are they hiding? When will they appear? 

So. Gross! 


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