Monday, February 8, 2016

Friday's Letters....The unimpressive elevator, Superbowl Thoughts and Hair Behind the Ears

On a Monday...we post Friday's Letters.
Which I'm not even mad about this time because I can include my thoughts on the Superbowl!

Dear Elevator at Work...You've been closed for six months now for "modernization." At long last, you opened this week and I got in you in anticipation. Like what was going to happen in this modern elevator? Would I come out with Judy Jetson hair? Are there snacks in there? Turns out...modernization means you push your floor number on the outside of the elevator instead of the inside. And there's a TV screen inside that shows the outside of the building. Hate to be a Debbie Downer but I'm not going to lie...a litttttle anti-climactic.

Dear Ashley's Ipod of 2006. With the crash of my iphone Monday night, you were my option for working out Tuesday morning. It appears I was into a lot of awesome music like Ke$ha and Heidi Pratt back in the day. Oh you didn't know Heidi Pratt wrote a song? I wish I didn't either. 

Dear This Picture....There has never been a truer statement. 

Dear Charlie Puth....I am IN LOVE with this song. I think I've listened to it about 47 times this morning alone. 

Dear The Super Bowl...I'm super glad you only come one time as a year as we ate too much and stayed up way too late. Your commercials were unimpressive but you were a fun time all around. 

Dear Lady Gaga...I surprisingly really liked your version of the National Anthem (minus the chest pounding) but amazing. 

Dear Cam Newton....I think you are such a man-brat. How about, you take your hoodie off like a professional, answers questions with respect and not storm off the stage like a kid who was told he couldn't have the oreos. I hate to punish a whole team for a single person's behavior but SO glad the panthers didn't win solely because of you and your poor attitude.

Dear Readers....Tell me something about your weekend!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Happy February Lovely Readers! 

My month started off strong at 3:49AM  yesterday with a text from Chelsea saying "rabbit rabbit rabbit." We've had a tradition for I don't know how many months to send each other this text on the first of the month for good luck. has to be the FIRST thing you say on that day. I once said "Good morning....rabbit, rabbit, rabbit." Rookie mistake! 
Me and Chels in Nashville!

I love February. I always have. It's me and January that have never been friends although last month turned out to be surprisingly fun! But there's a few things I'm looking forward to this month!

5 year Atlantaversary. 
Say what?! A whole hand! This Sunday I will have lived in Atlanta for five whole years. That's crazy to me! 
My second night in Atlanta...Ahh I miss that girl with the bag-free eyes and the energy to stay up til 1am on a school night! 

Eating Clean and BBG
This week marks my 18th week of radically changing up my workout and starting BBG. It is SO hard but I am loving it! One of these days I may be bold enough to share my progress photos! I tend to eat pretty clean any way but this week I'm going SUPER clean. Even cutting back my beloved Ezekiel Bread breakfast which is a HUGE change to me. #ilovebread #meandOprah 

Hair appointment 
If you've been around this blog for 2.5 seconds, you know what a BIG deal that statement is right there. After nearly four months, I'm headed back to the salon to return to my dark roots (again.) Also mainly because someone asked me the other day if I had died my hair red. 

No offense to the gingers out there....just me and brass orange are not friends. 


While I would not say that entering the tundra in the dead of winter is exactly at the top of my loves list, this little work trip at the end of the month always gets me excited to see my team and get everyone excited over the work we do! 

What's got you excited this month?! 

How are you planning on keeping your New Year's goals and resolutions in check? 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Re-Capping....The Things I'm Obsessed with Version

I cannot believe I am staring down the barrel of January right into February. Where did this month go?! I have lots of things to share today which are completely random and have no correlation with one another. It's a January mash-up of things I'm obsessed with! 

I'm a red bull drinker. It's my one vice in life. And even though it's probably no worse than drinking a soda, I'm really striving to be my healthiest and put healthy things in my body so, I've been working towards eliminating this amazing fruity substance from my diet. Enter Sambazon. I don't really like coffee unless it's topped with caramel and other things that equal 9 billion calories. But I came across these organic beverages the other day and they are SO good. It's 100% organic and filled with superfoods and they have a coffee version which is amazing. I haven't completely given up my wings but, we're flying less these days thanks to Sambazon. 

Living Proof Dry Shampoo 
.brown hair with blonde ends:
Hair Goals

So in my extended research on hair, I've found that the people with the best hair....don't wash it. That's right. These girls with Rapunzel hair with the best waves, don't wash their hair. I'm an every other day washer until...dun dun friend Sabrina who loves beauty products just as much as me introduced me to Living Proof Dry Shampoo. I'm not a dry shampoo fan. I've tried tons and typically all I get from it is dreadlocks. So I was skeptical but, I tried it anyway. And me and my DAY 3 hair are here to tell you....this stuff rocks! Since I'm the most inept person at dry shampoo, Sabrina even filmed a video for me on how to use it. 

She is the cutest little muffin head ever. And shes' started filming all these amazing videos on beauty. Be sure to follow her! 

Day 4 Update...I was going to attempt a Day 4 just to see but, after an incredibly sweaty workout this morning, this hair was ratchet let me tell you. So, the hair was finally washed and it is AMAZING. #iwhipmyhairbackandforth 

The Highlands 

I'm not a big fan of the mountains quite frankly. I mean, I think they're gorgeous but to get up to the mountains makes me one sick nauseous person. On New Year's Day I ventured with my girls for the night up to the Highlands in North Carolina. It was way too cold to hike as we had planned so instead we holed up in a sports bar and then spent the night having a legit dance party in our cabin. DJ Ashley was on deck. #wakawaka Fun times with these girls.  

More to come is calling my name so that's a rap on this January mash up! 

Fill me in on your January's! 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


They say the first step to recovery is admission. 

My name is Ashley and I am a product junkie. 

Sephora is basically my Disneyworld. I can spend hundreds hours in that place. I mean there are rows upon rows of the glossiest lipsticks, palettes of the prettiest pink blushes and oodles of skincare products filled with moon dust and unicorn eyelashes promising to make your skin what it was when you were 20. 

People who say 30 is the new 20 are liars. (Or they are related to Christie  Brinkley who I think is a straight-up non-human with those looks at her age!) Because I'm just going to say that when I was 20 and got 4 hours of sleep, I popped out of bed looking like a fresh daisy chain with dewy skin and wide eyes. And now, on 4 hours of sleep, I look like I may have become overnight BFF with Miley Cyrus, spending my nights puffing down a hooka, dying my armpit hair and chowing down on Little Debbies and Vodka. Ahhhhh youth! 
girl, friends, and party image

Remember that little famous song by Cher...If I could turn back time? I've taken those lyrics to heart and made it into my new 2016 mission, a little thing I like to call "Cher-ing." You know, turning back the  years on this face (while keeping all the wisdom and awesomeness). ;) Kiddddddding. 

So today I wanted to share a few of my new fav skincare products!

#1. Sunday Riley 
My little Seattle muffin Sabrina turned me on to this brand and they are my current favorite. I want to marry this night sleeping oil. The price point is a little steep so, samples, are where it's at girls! Sorry Sephora, I have to pay bills too! Or wait for a value set to come out which is what I did. Loving the Good Genes and Night Sleeping Oil! 

#2 Moisturizers 
I have become a moisturizing feign! My favorite daytime moisturizer is still Aveeno. Sometimes basics are best. I have friends that swear by Cetaphil but I like Aveeno because it has SPF in it too! At night, I'm a fan of straight up Dove moisturizer or this FAB one that Julia turned me on to. 

#3 Olive Oil and Castor Oil 
If you're anything like me, the thought of putting straight up oil on my face made me cringe! Who does these things?  I mean, why not just rub a bag of potato chip crumbs on your face? #amiright But one of my friends who has THE MOST perfect skin said this has been her skin trick for years. And as I stared into her poreless nose, inches from her face, in a bar bathroom one night, I was sold. Every night I use this little magic combo with a hot steamy washcloth and let me tell skin is not poreless (yet) but it does feel amazing and looks so fresh in the morning! It's like a little sauna for your skin.

#4  Washing your makeup off every night
And no....a makeup wipe no longer counts. We're talking soap and water ladies. Nighttime is when your body rests and repairs itself and your skin is no different. No matter how tired I am, I always take the time to scrub the face paint off for the day and let my skin breath for the night. 

What are your favorite tricks to keep your skin in tip-top shape?! 
XO, A 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Friday's Letters...The Delayed Version...With the Unprofessional Work Attire, Henre and Cupcakes & Puppies

Ahh Friday.....Monday, here we are again! I had a big project at work Friday that kept me up late Thursday night and an early work day Friday morning so, this little blog got put on the back burner unfortunately. Playing a little catch up today with Friday's Letters. 

Dear Star Wars Shirt....After a late work night and an early work morning, I rolled up into work like a hot mess wearing you Friday. I think you might actually be a pajama top. I've never even seen one Star Wars. Like how do I even own you?

Actual apparel worn Friday 

Dear Star Wars Shirt Again...Even if you are the most unprofessional thing I could have ever worn, you are also the most comfiest so, I'm not hatin'. No hard feelings but, you will probably never be taken into public again. 

Dear People in the Self-Check Line with full carts....I'm just going to speak for everyone in line behind you....whyyyyyy?! Unless you are buying lip gloss, gum or a year's supply of Preparation H....there really is no reason you should be in this line. 
worst grocery shoppers, grocery store assholes

Dear Henre the Air Plant.... (that's pronounced "On-Ray.") I know people may laugh that I have named you but, technically you are a living thing and a fancy one at that - you deserved a fancy  name. You bring me so much joy with your little purple Mohawk.

Dear Bitmoji....You are like my new favorite thing! I have full on conversations with my sister via bitmoji. She loves it. And by loves it, I mean she hates Bitmoji Ashley

Dear Shalyn....I'm so sad I couldn't be in Austin for your big 30th Birthday Slumber Party but can't wait to celebrate with the rest of the Dream Team in just a few months! Love this video Ash Bash put together - you make me laugh! 

Dear Katie...Thank you for being such an amazing friend and surprising me BIG time last week when I was having the roughest day with the best possible gift ever. Did you know it is scientific fact that cupcakes can make a terrible day better (also, I am a scientist now.) But for real, feast your eyes, I dare you not to feel immediately happier. 
P.S. - I am officially changing the term "muffin top" to "cupcake top" after this week - it just makes more sense.

Dear Skincare Products...After an unfortunate incident of old lady jowl appearing in a picture, I am getting serious about you! Can't wait to share some of my new favorites! 

And since I refuse to post the aforementioned pic, I'll leave you with this adorable one of my puppy nephew. He's just the best. 

Happy Work Week Babes from me and O'Malley!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday's Letters....The Delayed Christmas Story, Literally the best 6 minute video of your life, and the bread

If ever a Friday took forever to get here, it is most certainly this one. I say this with everything in me. T.G.I.F. 

Dear Ugly Christmas Sweater...In an uncomfortable turn of events, it appears I was the only one in the office who remembered it was Ugly Christmas Sweater day a few weeks back. And since I love a good theme party, I really went for it. Now I'm just that girl who wore that really terrible outfit that one day. 

Dear The Sauna...During my holiday break, I ventured into you for the first time. I don't get how people think this is enjoyable. For one there is a LOT of lady nakedness in a really small space. And I'm not talking the good Victoria Secret kind. I'm talking the kind that makes you want to never take your bra off and tape your boobs to your chin to prevent gravity from taking hold. Secondly, once you are thoroughly soaked in a pool of your own sweat and go to leave, you immediately get chills like you're getting sick from stepping back into the air condition. Me and the sauna are not going to be friends. Neither are me and the lady who had her sweaty paws basically propped up on my lap. 
girls, leg, and sauna image

Dear The Loaf of Bread I ate for breakfast yesterday....When I went to eat you this morning, one side of you was spottily covered in what appeared to be mold on much closer inspection and it just leaves me to wonder....what went down yesterday morning that I didn't see. #vomit #stomachofsteel
food, healthy, and avocado image
Not my bread

Dear Ariana Grande....I know you raised some controversy in 2015 over your donut-licking-American-hatin' comments but I still adore you. This is probably the best thing I've seen all year. You are so incredibly talented! I swear this will make your whole day! I've watched it like 13 times. 
The best one is the last one. Amazing!

Dear Alissa who I had in class last night....I'm really sorry I kept calling you Amanda. "Good job Amanda." "Beautiful form Amanda." "Awesome shaking Amanda." 

This has been the longest week, am I right? I miss my 9am Pure Barre classes and 12pm naps! But, such is life! Back to work we go! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! 


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

They See Me Resolutin'

I admittedly have never been a big resolution-er or a "new year, new you" type of gal. I tend to like to jump on things as they occur to me. However, I do think January is an awesome time to think about all the things you'd like to accomplish for the year. Sometimes a New Year is the perfect motivation to make some changes or pursue some goals we've been wanting to achieve. 

Below are some of my resolutions works in progress.... 

I was really motivated by a post that Julia wrote last year (gosh, she's just my favorite) along with a notable b-day. I'm a big product junkie. If you tell me something will make me sparkle, shine or add radiance, I will take 10 of them. But Julia was talking about her skincare regimen and said she was working on being able to go makeup free. And in my head I thought "yeah right that would be impossible for me!" Her post talked about realizing what her body was lacking and providing it those things. Do you have dark circles under you eyes? Why? Is your skin dry? Why? And it really struck a cord with me. So these past few months I've been doing the same. ....figuring out what my body needs more or less of so I actually need less cover up and camouflaging products.....although me and my foundation brush are on standby.  

adventure and money image
I think getting your finances in order is the sister wife of quitting smoking in the New Year's Resolutions house but it's such a good one! This is a big one for me this year. I have some pretty lofty goals and wad of determination. 

So this is not a new goal for me but it's one I want to continue to focus on and grow and learn more about. Fitness has become such a huge part of my life and passion. I'm currently staying pretty challenged with circuits and LISS/HITT workouts but I know there will come a time when I need to step it up again. It's good to keep your body guessing!

dress, fashion, and photo image
I adore my job and my client, they're the best. I've decided that this is the year I really need to make some bigger moves professionally within my company....excited wherever that may lead! 

change, bossbabe, and start doing image
And then there are those personal goals that are just that. I think it's good to have a few things you keep just to yourself, that you motivate and hold yourself accountable for. 

What are you working towards this year?! Wishing you guys a beautiful year!


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