Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting To Know You

I like to know random things about people. I think it's what makes them unique and interesting. And I tend to remember them all. So here's a few about me! Leave something about yourself in the comments! 

I picked my major after watching a movie....Hallmark put out this movie my senior year called This Time Around and it was about this girl who managed the public relations for a guy opening a restaurant. Naturally they fell in love. And she had amazing clothes. And she got to do things like pick paint colors and arrange flowers. PR isn't really like that. It's a lot of press release writing for riveting things like ground breakings and whose running for local School Chair and crisis management. Basically there's a lot more paper work and a lot less making out. Don't pick your major from a movie kids.

I put everything in excel....need to dust and do laundry? That clearly calls for an excel to-do list. I lead an organized life what can I say.


I listen to music more than I watch TV.

I don't sleep a lot....Like, average 5 hours a night. "Sleeping in" is filed under anything more than 8 hours. 10+ hours would be considered straight up hibernation.

I joke that I am a Stage-5 Spider-Monkey Clinger.....Most would find this an alarming quality. I however think it means I just REALLY love people like a whole lot. It allows me the ability to keep loving people even when they're basically married with three children (cough cough gym boy).

I'm not this creepy...I just love her character!

I didn't dress up for Halloween until I was in college. Growing up our family was never big on Halloween...we celebrated "harvest"...which thankfully still involves mass amounts of candy AND games like eating a powdered donuts off a string with no hands...I mean, skills. So in my adult life I have a newfound love for Halloween....basically I just like to dress up as all the things I'd like to be...cheerleader....prom queen....#homeschoolprobs 

My first adult Halloween. I was a love bug. And those wings were a bad idea. I can't tell you how many belt loops and door handles I got caught on that night. Clearly "sexy halloween" was not my forte. 

I am an awesome driver but a terrible parker....I should probably clarify that by "awesome driver" I mean incredibly safe driver...I'm no Mario Andretti on the streets of Atlanta. (But then again, no one really is. With so much traffic, I think we get to go about max 30 miles per hour on a good day.) But seriously, why is parking so hard? I mean, it's right up there with putting air in your tires.

Now that I've solidified myself as nerdy, music-loving, Grandma-driver....who REALLLLY loves people....and Halloween, tell me something about YOU!

Happy Almost Friday!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's Letters....Pink Hair, Fall In Love and Office Socks

Dear Readers...Happy Friday! I'm taking off early to go celebrate one of my best friend's birthday in South Carolina! Dear Pink Hair...My own hair doesn't like dye, harsh chemicals, heat or non-sulphate shampoos (I mean...diva!) but I kinda love this look for fun. 
#Scene #hairstyles Taylor Swift - "22" (Red) - BBMA: 2013
Dear Alaska....I kind of want to visit you. I am a beach person through and through but I've been researching this great snowy state. It just intrigues me. So much wildlife and raw beauty. Dear This Song....I am OBSESSED with this you. You need this on your ipod. 

Dear Coworker.....I wish you would wear your shoes. You've recently taken to just sporting your socks around the office. BUT, you have stopped playing talk radio out loud and taking your conference calls right behind my desk win some, you lose some I guess. - Timeline Photos | via Facebook

Dear Ashley....You probs shouldn't blast your music so loud. You walked away from your desk listening to itunes for a good, 10 minutes, only to return and realize that you had been blasting the most emo, sad Pandora channel (think Evanescence) for all your coworkers. #facepalm Dear Taylor Swift...As always I'm loving  your music but some songs are just speaking so loud this week. #Taylorforever!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday.....A Roach Tale

Remember when Wordless Wednesday Posts was a thing? 

Guess whose bringing them back.....this girl


And words are  needed. Except for maybe nightmares....and questions. 

Are there more? Where are they hiding? When will they appear? 

So. Gross! 


Monday, July 13, 2015


I'm from a relatively small town. And despite lacking any athletic skills or high school homecoming queen honors, I grew up feeling pretty darn cool. And confident. And pretty.

A new shirt from the Express in the mall an hour away and some old navy shorts and you were keeping up with the Jones'. It was fantastic. 
My most favorite Express tank 

And then I moved to Atlanta

And while I love this town, it unknowingly aroused a struggle in me that's always been a Lochness below the surface of life and one that unleashed it's fury in my mind. 

And that would be the struggle of being ENOUGH


Some may call it comparing, I call it overly perceptive....but whatever name you give it, it doesn't take girls long to notice how they differ from the crowd. And for many there is a strong pull to be part of the crowd. To be the same. To be accepted. 

Most of the girls here are Polly Pocket size...well except for their chest ...those are more Barbie size. But INSANE's like Atlanta fought a world war against cellulite and it's not allowed in this zip code. 

I  Wednesday-Adams'd some pics to protect the innocent side-boobed. 

And tiny, tiny clothes..which I actually can't even fault them for. When your spandex doesn't have to span or dex it's actually a quite attractive fabric. 

And confidences as deep-rooted as if they look in the mirror and see Giselle Bundchen. Hair twirls and on-cue giggles and small talk for days. Eyelash extensions, hair extensions and spray tans that are part of every day grooming and not for their God-intended use of weddings or prom. Uber is their taxi for life and money is as free-flowing as the mimosas on the ever-popular "Sunday Funday." 

And such gracefulness. I mean these girls can get down and funky with the highest heels and have the saunter of a pageant queen. Last  week I turned away from a group conversation and ran directly into a pole. Remember Jessica Alba's character in Good Luck Chuck...yeah, that's my life. 


Before you know it, you're slapped in a picture in between Double D Marie and Kissy Lips Lauren and you begin to wonder why would anyone ever choose you over them? 

You're not as funny. Not nearly as pretty. Not half as skinny. I mean, you basically could eat her.

And the "not, not not, not, nots" fill your head. And replace everything about who you are, with what you're not. 

I know the things I'm supposed to say here. I'm supposed to say that we're all beautiful and created uniquely and to not let the opinions of others determine your self-worth. But sometimes when it seems you live in a world where the not-so-uniques are the more desired it can be hard to believe.
Mirror image

 I love this video by Lauren Scruggs. It's long but every time I watch it, it reminds me who I am. And it replaces those thoughts in my head about everything I'm not with all that I am.

After everything she went through, feeling the same insecurities so many of us do, her message is so beautiful: 
"Our Appearance....Even insecurities that we may hold on to....Do Not Define Us."

It's so much easier to play "put together" on social media than it is to say whoa here's this big ugly side of me. So thanks for letting me pretend today that we were all sitting on a big comfy futon, fresh off a round of Mall Madness and having some real talk . 

From inside my head....over and out.  


Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's Letters....Johnny Depp Jr., Tumber User Error and a Birthday.

Dear Friday's Letters....It's been a minute but, here we are. 

Dear Becky from Big Brother....I was texting my friend Sarah about how interesting looking your teeth are. And 5 minutes later you say that you got hit by a train and your teeth fell out...a TRAIN. I mean....way to make me feel like a total creep. Dear Peachtree Road Race Photographers....As a photographer I feel you should know that taking pictures from a low angle is the LEAST flattering angle possible. Me and my apparent 900 pound thighs will not be ordering any photos for "memories sake" but thanks. Dear Facebook Quizzes that I love so much....Apparently I was supposed to be Johnny Depp Jr.....or possibly Harry Stiles brother.....basically even if I was born a man, I'd still be a girl.Winning. 

Dear Tumblr....You are new to me but I find you to be more frustrating that a Pinterest link that leads to a picture. I mean I click on you and get led to a link from 9 centuries ago with a bunch of spam comments. I'm not sure I understand the purpose. You also make me feel 85 years old. Dear Snapchat....You keep me young. I get you. I mean it may have taken me 5 months to realize how people were adding stickers to their snaps but now I'm like total Snap Pro. Although I have realized I'm that sad person that snaps food.....because that's exciting.
My exciting Friday night!

Dear Jessica....Happy Birthday!! You're such a sweet and amazing friend and I hope today is the start of the best year ever! (Although with the arrival of Alexander, it might be hard to top!) Love you! 

Muffins! <3

Happy Friday!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Chocolate Milk Rings and Other Important Things

In the history of important is a really important SUPER important! 

And no, I'm not referencing the day they invented flat irons. Or the day some really smart human determined putting chocolate in milk was in fact delicious. 

I'm talking about the day my mom was born! Which was this day some odd years ago (you're welcome mom)

I truly believe some people are just made to be moms. And she is one of them. She is endlessly patient and encouraging. 

She lets me call and be a grouch to her on the phone some mornings 


She washed out countless cups with dried chocolate rings on the bottom over the years (I mean some things never change) 

She even told me how pretty I looked when I was convinced that wearing black jean mom shorts with a white belt was a good choice. 

I never went through that whole "I hate my mom" phase you're supposed to as a teenager. 

Literally the only fight I remember having in high school was when I wanted to stay at Bible Study later than curfew. 

And by fight, I mean phone debate. 

(I think we can also all agree she was blessed with an angel baby second child)

Somewhere along the lines, me Shannon and mom all became best friends. She is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out and is truly the rock of our family. I'm so super thankful for this little lady and this super special day. 

Final Thoughts....We really should start taking pictures with a real camera. Love you to the moon and back mom!!

Happy Birthday! 


Monday, July 6, 2015

Rain, More Rain, Bikinis and Binge Eating (i.e. the 4th)

Happy 6th! 

That is not nearly as exciting as Happy 4th is it?! 

We had a pretty rainy 4th in least in the morning. Every year Atlanta hosts the biggest 10K in the nation on the 4th. We're talking thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

If you look close, you can see me right in between the two founding fathers runners.
(Just kidding....I was like 97 waves behind these people! Fairly certain they were finishing the race as I was finishing breakfast.)

 I met up with some of my girlfriends to run. The sky looked ominous but wasn't rainy...until we hit the start line when the skies let loose. 

Kelly and I pre-flooding!

I mean buckets and buckets of water! My other friend Kelly (I am only friends with people named Kelly apparently!) and I were so desperate we grabbed two used ponchos from the gutter to put green of us right? My poncho apparently belonged to a giant because the head hole extended down to my waist. 

The Girls! 
(Confession...I only know like three of these people!)

Once it became apparent the rain wasn't stopping and we were completely drenched, we decided this was one of those YOLO moments and just went for it. I cannot explain how drenched we were. Three days later and my shoes still feel like they took a swim in a pool. My hair was one solid wet rat tail and my gutter-poncho was now creating a sauna effect so I was pouring sweat in between bouts of chill bumps from the rain and wind. I looked like a gremlin from the rain pit of hell.BUT....we had!
Photo Finish! 

We had initially had pool plans but seeing as the forecast was still calling for 100% rain, we decided what better way to celebrate America than with Mexican food. We figured we were safe from impending near nakedness and had a feast of tacos, churros, guacamole and tostados. 

And then.....THEN....the skies parted and all the rain disappeared replaced by the brightest purest sun and perfectly clear day. Seriously Atlanta...can't you throw a girl a bone?! 

The Pool People began to call and text and after much persuasion (peer pressure is such a beast), we poured ourselves into swimsuits and hit the pool. Let's pray "Mom Bod" becomes a thing real soon.

My Red, White and Blue Babes.....and Matty.

We spent the day with friends at the pool having so much fun and then walked over to Shake Shack for a traditional American dinner.

And we went ALL out...Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Milkshakes, Malts. I mean, we had to - it's like fourth of July law!

We made our way back to the pool to watch fireworks that night in probably the best place in Atlanta. We saw the downtown fireworks and the Lenox fireworks!

Obviously not my photo (whose fireworks photos every come out?!) but this was our view and it was incredible! Such a fun day with friends. Making those memories!!

How did you spend the holiday?!

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