Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Confessions

I worst fear has come office potluck. It's an international potluck and you're supposed to bring something from your background or heritage. I asked our office manager if I could bring Little Debbie's because, I'm Southern and Southern people love those little bags of processed sugary goodness. She was not opposed.....zebra cakes here I come. 

I Confess...I am the worst hair cut client of ALL time. I went in for a trim last Friday and after drilling into my stylist's head that I wanted to walk out looking the exact same and making sure he understood the exact meaning of a quarter inch, I made him stop mid-cut. He was getting scissor-happy. He followed me out with the shears saying he just needed to finish. I told him we were done cutting. 


I Confess...I didn't feel bad for being a brat to my stylist. He pointed out that I had a gray hair...and then went on to say that gray hair is sexy on men but not so much on women. Guess who we won't be seeing again.

I Confess...Whilst sitting at a stoplight after work the other day, I pulled up next to a driver blasting the most vulgar little diddy. I ever so subtly rolled my window down just a few tiny inches at a time....and then proceeded to blast the following song. Within seconds he rolled his windows up an zoomed away when the light turned green. I will always win the blasting music war.  Truth.

What do you confess?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bar Thoughts

Just kidding....I meant barre thoughts! 
(See what I did case you didn't I underlined it!) 

By far the best thing that happened to me last year was joining pure barre.

In March I decided I needed something more to occupy my time. So I emailed the main address at the studio closest to me. I asked if they needed desk help. And the next day they emailed me back and said possibly. Hours later I was going on an interview with the new owner who had just taken ownership two months before. And by the end of the interview we were talking about schedules. 

A few weeks in I was overwhelmed with a capital O. My life til then was consumed by my "real job" and I heavily contemplated quitting Pure Barre. But I really hate quitting. Like it's not in my DNA. And I stuck with it until I realized that this is what setting limits looks like. This is what creating work-life balance is. Pure Barre was something for me. And if that meant leaving work....on time....a couple days, that's what it meant. 

And I am forever thankful I did. 

In January I went to training to become an instructor and this past weekend I found out that I had passed!! I'm officially an instructor and I'm SO excited! I've been co-teaching for a couple months now but will have my own classes moving forward. 

Beyond being an incredible workout and literally changing my body (I'm talking to you lifted rear end) I have gotten to know some of the most incredible women. It's hard to find a group of women where you like every single one of them. But I've found that here. 

Even our clients are amazing. Even though we only see each other a few times a week, we get to know one another. We've cried over lost jobs together, celebrated over babies and the return to the barre for baby bounceback. We've ooh'd and ahh'd over the return of the "skinny jeans" and overall just laughed a lot....(well and maybe cursed a lot during knee dancing!) 

The moral of the story....always ask. You never know where it might lead you to. 

Also, you should come see me at the barre! :) 


Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday's Letters....Milk Thievery, Children of the Corn and Ariana

I just put stuff in a blender and it came out really great! I thought I'd share! Chocolate protein shake- 1 carnation instant breakfast pouch in chocolate, 1 frozen banana, 6 frozen strawberries, milk, orange juice, a spoon of peanut butter, and a drizzle
Dear people at work....Milk is actually not a communal item. I hate to break it to you but we don't have people that just come and stock up on almond milk for your pleasure. That service is limited to toilet paper and copier ink. Dear Ashley...In the event of massive milk thievery, you may want to bring  a backup lunch plan beyond a protein shake....or else you will end up being a hungry little muffin. Dear Concealer...God bless you. I don't know what's up lately but the under-eye circles have me looking like one of the children of the corn. I have become that girl that wears makeup to the gym...but not in a diva way....more in a, I don't want to scare these people away way.

I wonder if this counts for a quarter inch cut?

Dear Hair...We are going for our second trim in two months tonight. We are averaging like 200% more hair cuts than we've had in the past 5 years. Split ends we're coming for ya. Dear Arianna Grande...I am SO seeing you this week and I am so excited. You better believe crop tops and high ponies are happening.

I'm obsessed with this.

Happy Friday


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A bloody good day

It's hard to believe today is St. Patrick's Day because I feel like I already celebrated the heck out of this holiday. 

This past weekend I went to Leprecon, a St. Patrick's Day Festival in one of Atlanta's parks. Before that I went to a brunch at a new friend's house which was a ton of fun. I didn't know hardly anyone there but I went anyway. My friend Katie sent me this book "Let's all be brave" so that's what we're doing...which is kinda scary.  

Kristin and I at brunch. This girl is so much fun! So glad to have gotten to know her these past few months!

The brunch crew took two buses down to the park...fur busses to be exact 

You haven't lived until you've ridden a fur bus. #thingsthatareprobablynottrue

Piedmont Park...So pretty! (This was actually from another year. Our Saturday was pretty gloomy and threatened rain on and off all day.) 

Chelsea wins the nicest of us all. But for real dude...we just wanted a girl's pic!

Such a fun day with these babes!

How are you celebrating St. Pats? Don't forget to wear your green! (pinch pinch!)

XO, O'Ashley 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Letters...The One With The Package, The Casual Friday and The Friday Night

Dear Kristin and Katie....So glad to have such sweet friends like you come to take my class! You both killed it. #babesatthebar #embracetheshake  Dear Cancun...You are SO happening and I am SO excited! Let the workouts commence! #girllookatthatbod Dear chocolate-covered blueberries that I used to rationalize as healthy due to your fruit center and anti-oxidant dark chocolate...You've been replaced with nuts this week (see above note as to why we can no longer be friends.) Dear Coworker...I left the house this morning thinking I looked cute. Upon my arrival at work you asked me if I had just come directly from being out last night. Apparently I may need to re-evaluate my "casual Friday" look...or possibly get more sleep. 

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics | for my future classroom | Pinte…

Dear  Nasty Gal....I love your clothes but reallllly hate your store name. I immediately feel the need to tell my apartment  office people that I'm picking up a pair of leggings and not a mesh onesie with nipple cutouts. 

Dear Last Friday Night...I kind of wish you were happening again. It was one of those nights that just started out as dinner and turned into one of the most fun nights know the kind where you're in a bar, listening to a band and talking to one of your best friends about life at 1 am. 

Happy Friday Babes!
What are your plans this weekend?! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Confess...Adult-nappers, Straya Dreams and Grandma Hands

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I Confess....I have a REALLY vivid imagination. Someone called my front gate at 3am last Saturday....And while logically and most realistically this was just a drunk someone trying to get in....My immediate thoughts went to traffickers and stalkers. I think you can never be too mentally prepared. But on that note...God bless the door club. It's the only way I got back to sleep. #thanksmom

I Confess..I casually clicked on my Google profile on Friday. And to my horror saw that publicly linked to it was my youtube page of which all my blog videos showed up - including one of me just dancing in my living room......ok two of me just dancing in my living room. Just out there, for the whole wide world to see. 

{Alex's actual balcony...I'm still trying to convince her she needs another roommate}

I  Confess...I've had a wild hare in the past few weeks to just pack up and move to Australia. I've never actually been to Australia but the snaps I get from Alex have me convinced I would adore it there.

She loved life and it loved her right back | via Tumblr

I Confess....I'm gonna have GREAT grandma hands and I'm pretty excited about it. I remember one of my grandmas used to have really veiny hands and I used to wiggle the veins back and forth. I have super vivid memories of this and how much fun it was. And I'm not one to brag but I have really veiny hands and I'm super pumped about the wiggly vein possibilities. 

What do you confess?!


Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Story of Phoenix and the Runaway Stairclimber

As an early gym go-er, there tends to be an elite group that comes every day. Sure there are new people here and there but there's a solid crew of us that are always there -rain, sleet, snow. We're like freaking mail-men.

And over the past two years, those I don't know personally, I've unknowingly developed their characters in my mind.

Some of them you've met here before, like.....

The super hot gym boy that I say hi to every morning. I believe we've conquered every version of "hello" there is....oh  except for "hey, wanna go out?!"

And there's my Detroit friend who always gives me a high five when I don my Tigers hat and we talk about what a sad city Detroit is.

Then there's my old man gym friend who occasionally sings me songs in the middle of the gym,....because that's comfortable. 

 It's all my mad game that brings the boys to the yard ladies...and by boys I mean 78 year olds with liver spots.

Then there's the rest....and this one girl in particular. She's not a regular - her and her boyfriend come maybe once every two weeks. But she is stunning. She's clearly one of God's chosen since she only rarely frequents the gym yet has a rocking body. I imagine she has a hip name like Phoenix or Allegra. And she always has the most perfect pony. My perfect pony tail always occurs between the hours of bedtime and wake-up time. 


I digress.....

It was earlier in the week when the duo resurfaced at the gym. And as I watched them ascend the stairs from my place on the stairclimber, it became clear they were going to stair climb as well. And they chose the two treadmills directly next to mine. The pressure was on to be cool! 

So there we were...just me, Phoenix and the boyfriend all stair climbing in a row. I had been going strong for about four minutes at that point when, all of a sudden, I felt like my stairs were moving faster. I hit the "slower" button but noticed I could no longer see the pace number. Then they started moving faster....and faster....and faster. And before I knew it, I was Barney Rubbling on the stairs. 

The stairs kept speeding up until I was forced to grab the side rails and lift myself up since my feet could no longer keep up. I immediately realized  this was a position that could not be maintained long ("WHY don't I lift heavier weights than 5 pounds?!!") As I sprinted up the stairs I tried to frantically press the "down speed" button....nothing. I pulled the emergency STOP cord...nothing. 

And then it happened.

As Phoenix took her steps in stride on her non-demonized stairclimber, glimmering sweat on her forehead and probably rocking out to some cool Indy band, I jumped and flung myself backwards off the stairs. My ear buds went right, my iphone went left and the stairs kept spinning by. 

Phoenix casually looked over her shoulder to see what all the commotion was about and whispered something to her boyfriend. I imagine it was something to the effect "What is that girl doing?! Hasn't she ever climbed a stair before?" Facepalm. 

Not only was I not cool I couldn't even operate basic gym equipment. To make matters worse, some burly man jumped on my abandoned stair climber minutes later and used it problem free. Way to kick a girl while she's down dude. I quickly grabbed my strewn out belongings and moved to something I knew I could manage.....the floor mat. 

And that, my friends, is the story of Phoenix....and the runaway stairclimber. 

The End.


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