Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yes, yes, this is the right blog. 
And yes, we are talking about fall today.
This is what we call....acceptance people.  

Truth be told...I don't entirely hate fall. I mean the temperatures outside are perfect for running, your summer tan is still lingering on and your cute clothes can actually be seen before you have to pile on the heavy coats. 

(and before all  you northerners mock me....let me remind you of Winter-Mageddon). 

So, as I mourn the shifting of my summer tanks to the back of the closet, I'm focusing on the fall trends I'm super excited to bust out. 

Winter White
They say that leather makes a girl feel like a rebel but if you could see the look my grandma gives someone that wears white after Labor Day, you would know that winter white makes you WAY more a rebel. Loving everything about this outfit. So chic. 

Crop Tops
I loved this trend for summer and I'm loving how they can transition into the fall. Plus...can you say motivation to keep those abs toned all winter long?! 

I am a pronounced baseball hat fan. But I think I'll have to trade them out for some knitted beanies this fall. So cozy. 

Fall Plaid and Structured Jackets
I don't know if I can pull this one off....I do better when I channel a more boho vibe....but I love this look.
love the combo: tan jacket, blue green plaid, distressed jeans, and lots of pearl beads, and heels, can't wait for casual Fridays :)

What fashions have you all jazzed for fall? 


Monday, September 15, 2014

What Love Is

The start of this blog is somewhat of a tragic story. I wish I could say that it was because I had amazing outfits I just had to share. Or that the Joe March in me just couldn't be contained and I had to write. But the truth is, is that this blog was an outlet. It still is. 
My addictions come together

But back when it started, the author was just a shell of a person. The start of this blog coincided with the end of a long relationship and God help you if you weed back through the beginning'll need a Prozac, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolate to make it through. 

It was a couple years before this blog was ever found by anyone else in the blogosphere and once it was, I went and deleted some of the more depressing posts. Only I wish I hadn't. Sure they are tragic. Some are downright desperate. And the fact that I could have been the model child of what NOT to do in a relationship, is a gross understatement. But it's where I was in life. 

I found one of those deleted posts the other day. It was a post about what love was to me. And to re-read it was as if I was reading another author's work and not my own. It's amazing to see how those moments of tragedy....those things you are certain you will never recover from, somehow and unknowingly, usher you into a new beautiful phase of life that you could have never imaged.  

What Love Is....
-Sometimes fuzzy with a brown tail
-Girlfriends who create silly playlists for you
-A friend who drives 45 minutes just to have overpriced coffee with you in the middle of the Kroger flower section 
-Sitting on the bathroom counter talking about our days
-Girlfriends that will run horrible distances with you and encourage you every step of the way
-Sunday night movies 
-Forehead kisses 
-Anyone that sits in the horrible Atlanta traffic to come see you...seriously, there is no greater love. 

add a caption

What is love to you?


Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday's Letters...The one with all the spandex, the book and the inappropriate office wear


Dear women at work.....WHAT are you doing in the bathroom? I mean, in the time it took one of you to go and wash your hands, I changed out of a work outfit into a completely spandex get up (do you know how hard spandex is to get on sometimes?) AND folded my clothes AND put my hair in a pontytail AND washed my hands. Like is there an essential step I'm missing in the bathroom process? Dear Atlanta Traffic...For the love,man, I am seriously about one more traffic jam away from becoming that woman in her tennis shoes and pencil skirt schluffing the streets. Dear That woman in the pencil skirt and tennis shoes schluffing the streets....You are officially the smartest person in the world. 
I mean, when done's not half bad

Dear Fall Fashion...I'm kind of digging you. If I have to be pale, I might as well be dressed cute. Dear Gone Girl (yes, it is 4 weeks later and I am still reading Gone Girl. I do not lie when I say I am literally the slowest reader.)...You are such a departure from my normal reading (which would be like a magazine) but I am really digging you. 

Dear Friday....Today is Spirit Day at the office...which often proves difficult when your team is the Gamecocks....and of which "gamecocks" is Time to get creative with appropriate office-wear!

Happy Friday Muffins!

XO, A 

Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater

Monday, September 8, 2014


So they say everyone has a twin somewhere in this world. 
Well mine lives in Alaska. 

If you do not know this reference, you need to run to your nearest Redbox and rent The Proposal. Best movie of all time. 

Maybe not my physical twin but, my name twin. Somewhere in Anchorage, Alaska is a woman with my same first and last name and apparently an incredibly similar email address. Over the past few years, I've learned a few things about my name twin....

She seems to have a kind heart. She helped coordinate a baby shower (Don't worry, I emailed back saying you'd bring the brownies). She also recently ran in a charity fundraiser.  
food | via Tumblr

But this lady also seems to have a bit of a forgetful side as well. In the past month I she has been emailed concerning the following:

-Overdue library books

-Several notices from the local school asking if she was going to enroll her kids

and, the best one, an ongoing lawsuit that stretched over months in which my name twin apparently used an image illegally and was being prosecuted 

Of course I always email these people back and tell them they have the wrong Ashley but, especially in the case of the lawsuit, they mostly don't believe me and the emails continue on for weeks. my name twin....for the love of all good things woman....learn your email address!

(Or else your kids may never learn to read and you may be going up the river!) 

Do you have a name twin somewhere? Or a real look-a-like? 


Friday, September 5, 2014

The Edens

I posted Friday's Letters but, they seemed a little tacky in light of the following so, I removed them for today. 

Please keep the Edens family in your prayers. They lost their dad and husband in a plane crash Wednesday. They've been heavy on my heart. Please remember this sweet family today.

When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”.-1 Cor. 15:54-55


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Loves and Loathes


I will refrain from starting this section off with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" because I mean.....just duh. 

Savannah....Talk about a surreal moment. When your college roommate has a baby. Whoa! But what a great day we had. Can't wait to watch this little muffin grow up. 

Old Posts...I was sifting back through some of my old, never-published posts the other day and, man, was I a thinker back then! Now that I'm fairly certain this blog is down to 7 readers....maybe....hello?...anyone there?.....I plan on posting some of these oldies but goodies. I thought about posting one today but decided on this shallow post instead.

Buzzfeed Quizzes....I literally can't get enough. Which Kardashian are you (Kourtney..."emotionless at times yet least to yourself."), How much does running rule your life? ("Wow. You have a problem. Running completely controls your life." Haha). Who was your boyfriend in a past life? Why James Dean of course.  

Spontaneous Dinner Dates.....I'm typically home like two or three nights a week but, nothing makes me happier than spontaneous dinner plans. 
My dinner ��

Giuliana Rancic's Hair...I mean, I hate to be catty but, does she own a mirror? It just goes to show that just when you think things can't get any worse than the bob.....a blonde bob shows up.  

Cooking....Seriously, why is this so hard? I mean every week (can be read, twice a month) I try a new recipe, following it to the tee....using every pot, pan and measuring tool I own and it always turn out....slightly better than a lean cuisine but far worse than say a bologna sandwich. I've committed myself to a life of plain grilled chicken and chocolate milk. 
Chicken S’mack Salad |

On a side note....I feel like you all should be proud of  me that "fall" is not in the "loathe" bucket. I've actually been having some happy thoughts towards fall this week. Miracles do happen. 

What's on your loves and loathes list this week? 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one where I couldn't explain, cheating and Fall Who?

Good luck gauchos....circa 2006

Dear  My Gamecocks......I agree with most of the common Facebook posts from last night..."always a gamecock"...."forever to thee"....yada yada....but for real dudes, let's get it together for next week can we? It's a whole lot more fun to be a gamecock when we actually score. I mean, if I need to pull out my good luck gauchos.....I will do it.  Dear Pure Barre....I cheated on you this week with Flybarre. And while Flybarre was fun....I confirmed, I will always love you best. Dear Ashley....You really need to learn how to describe Pure Barre better. After telling your coworker you worked there this week, he asked "Oh, so you bar-tend?" And then the conversation went down like this.... 

No, it's like a workout...

Like with a bar....

...Kinda loosely based on ballet...

like there's a bar around the room....and we{blank stare} 

Next time? Yes, I make a mean mojito. 

Dear This Song.....You've been everything this week. Can't stop listening.

Dear Jean Shorts I bought this week.....I think you are physical proof that I am in full denial of impending fall. I did however peruse the bootie section in DSW so I feel like this is progress. But for was 81 degrees at 7am yesterday. #fallwho 

Dear Friday....You and me are peace-ing out of the A and playing hooky today to go to meet baby Savannah.

Happy Holiday Weekend You Crazy Kids. 


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