Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not Ready

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They say it’s just a number
They say it’s only as old as you feel

But to me, I’m one of those that age is a big deal. And I can’t really tell you why. I can just tell  you that I love being in my 20s. When someone asks me how old I am, I have loved saying “twenty--whatever." 

And yes, I’ve gotten the full 10 years of being a 20-something that everyone else gets. I’ve had my fair share but I’m just not ready to be done.

And maybe a lot of it is the pressure we put on 30s. All of a sudden eggs become a big freaking deal. And I’m not talking the kind you scramble and poach. You’re supposed to have it together – financially, relationally, professionally. You’re too old now for short shorts and other fashion-wear that just two weeks ago was fine because “you’re in your 20s.” Carefree-ness is supposed to go out the window because people in their 30s only make thoughtful choices. Late nights in the bar are left in your 29th year because “we’re just too old for that now.” It’s movies and pizza on the couch for us 30-somethings now. And the adjective “young” is no longer attached to you.
Maybe it’s that….those stigmas.

Maybe it’s because the only people that tell me 30s are great are getting married and having kids and well, that’s not my reality either.

But I mean, here it comes, right. The terrifying inevitable flip of the calendar page. The time stamp that indicates you are now a year older. Something we used to look so forward to as a kid. "I'm 5....a WHOLE Hand old!" "Sixteen....license, dating, boys." "20 - finally no more teenage years and teenybopper jokes." 21...Bring on the shots."

And then there it is....30. What's good about 30? It's got no cool rights of passage associated with it all.

The thing about blogging I've learned is that it's like a story. There's typically an intro, a build-up and then a nice ending. And I tried my darndest with this post but it just kind of sat there. The cursor blinking....waiting.....

I researched article after article about all the positives of being 30. But really, none of them produced that "aha moment" for me. The best advice I read was to just live your whole life like you're 20 but, really....if I'm still wearing booty shorts at 60 and wearing flash tats like they're real bracelets, someone please address that. Because that is not ok. 

So no pretty ending to this blog post. But, sometimes that's just life. And this little space is where we share life sometimes....the happy, the bad, the straight up scary.  

So 30....you.jerk. 


Disclaimer....To all the people in their 30s. I've been told I make 30 sound like death so I apologize in advance. In a few weeks I'll be 30 and hate all the 20-somethings too. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Taylor Swift on Fleek...and Other Billboard Thoughts

Geez I just love music. Like nothing else is quite like it. 

So last night I was naturally in heaven as I soaked in all the Billboard Award Goodness. From the fashion to the music to the speeches, it's one of my favorite award shows.

Naturally I have lots of thoughts on this I need to share with you all. ....

Taylor Swift's Romper...I NEED this in my life. I don't know exactly where I would wear a white sequin pants romper. All I know is that I need this in my closet. 


Harry Styles....Looks like a 40 year old woman....that's been in a lot of fights and won them all. I can't be a total hater because he inspired so many brilliant T-swift songs but for real.....lay off the lipstick and satin shirts bro.

Olivia Culpo...Better known as Nick Jonas' arm candy. I am obsessed with her style. It is so on point all the time. Plus the bold brow....major fan.


Ed Sheeran's Performance of "Bloodstream"...was insane. He is so so talented. Not to mention how much he has done for the ginger community. 
Ed Sheeran

Giuliana Rancic's return to long brown hair...G's taken a lot of flack recently over being too thin but I think she's been looking amazing lately. She returned to being a brunette, got herself some extensions. Not to mention this glam dress. Mad love. 


Tori Kelly's Performance....If you haven't heard "Nobody Love" yet, drop everything you're doing and go download it immediately. 

Nikki Minaj's performance of  The Night is Still Young....Not only is this song my #1 workout jam lately, I think she looks so amazing since she stopped being so costume-ey. 

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris...I am obsessing over this duo. LOVE them together! I think Taylor finally has a good pick! 

Premiere of the Bad Blood Music Video....No  Words. Just Insane 

Did you watch? What was your favorite moment?! 


Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday's Letters...Unpacked, Girl Crush and Aging

Making sure you have everything you need.

Dear Suitcases from last week....You are still not unpacked. I'm not exactly sure when I became a person that didn't care that half her belongings were not unpacked but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's an adventure every morning digging for whatever I need. I'm sure I look like a raccoon in a trashcan. 

Dear Teen Mom....Gah, every season. Why are you so good? And bringing the OG's (original gangsters....I had to ask too) back. I mean...talk about upping your game. 

Dear Last Weekend....You were so fun. I may have only gotten 3 hours of sleep but I got to see some of my best friends so, it was totally worth it.  

Dear Next Friday...We have a date with the beach and I couldn't be more excited. This beach girl is ready for some water that isn't enclosed in a cement box. 

Dear This Song....I heard you the other day for the first time and man, you got to me. 

Dear This Video...Wow. This is so stinking cool. I may have cried watching this. 

So much media in this post, I know...but really, who works on a Friday? 

Happy Friday Muffinheads! What's everyone doing this weekend?! 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And That's A Cut.....Not

If you've followed this blog for any period of time (any period defined as a week to 7 years) you will probably know two things about me. #1. I hate socks and #2 I am obsessive and emotionally attached to my hair. 

After a supremely horrific haircut at the age of 13....of which the trauma has still not worn off, I have maintained my exact same hairstyle that I currently have since. I know what you must be thinking..."Oh it's just a bad haircut, everyone has those." I cannot explain the extent of how awful this cut was so.....I took one for the team, reached into the vault of ACTUAL printed pictures and.....


Yeah. So I think we all have a better understanding now of why I threaten every hair stylist that comes in contact with me.

So even though I've had the same cut since 13, I ventured out with color about a year ago. And since then have been battling breaking ends like a midnight shopper at Walmart on Black Friday. I was sharing my hair care knowledge with my friend's husband this weekend and I'm fairly certain he thinks I'm the most high maintenance person to ever walk this earth.

I died my hair back to my natural color in October and then this happened on its own accord....

As a side note...blonde ends are not my natural color!

So about a week ago, I went back to my natural roots one last time. And I finally felt that we (you know, me and my hair) had made some progress. It was longer and all one color. I was channeling my inner Rapunzel. 


Que to dinner last night with some friends. I rolled into STK high on my voluminous hair feeling. Within 5 minutes of being there, two people asked me if I had cut my hair and another girl commented that she "just loved my ombre hair." 

Facepalm...Seriously ya'll.....FACE.PALM. 

I know you all are super intrigued by my hair health so I'll just leave this one as....to be continued. 


Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday's Letters....From the Marriott

I don't think I've ever been so happy for a Friday. I've been in Chicago for work all week having the longest days of meetings and presentations and dinners....hence the complete and utter abandonment of this blog. And even though I'll only be home for six hours before I have to leave again, I'm more than ready 

So in lieu of basically nothing happening this week beyond work, I present....Fridays Letters From the Marriott: 

College ☕️������
Dear Work Conference....meatballs, sushi and apple pie is not "dinner." that is a last meal on death row or the first meal at fat camp. #starvinginchicago #wherearetheveggies

Dear Teddy Grahams...Per the last letter, an unnatural amount of you were consumed at 9pm...I mean 50 crackers is really a serving? Try 150! Getting after that summer body!

Dear Really Pervy Man at said conference.....I don't even care that you'e really pervy because you commented that I was "growing my hair out!" God bless your little heart that loves women far too young for you. You are the first person in a year that hasn't asked if I just got my hair cut.

Dear Marriott...What is with your room keys? I literally had to get my coworker to come help me get in. 

Instagram: @HolyReject
Dear Wednesday....You are the first day I left the hotel. And even though it was only for 5 minutes ...I will always remember you and that special bond we had with fresh air. 

Dear Readers....What have you been up to this week?! 


Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday's Letters....Dropping Beats, The Hand Debris and the Pricey Toothbrush


Dear Person in My Office that plays your talk radio out loud....I'm about one more baseball game away from turning all Dr. Dre on you and dropping some beats on those ears. But in all seriousness, who thinks this is ok? Dear Ashley...When someone asked you this week if you were watching "this  intense game" you googled "big sports game april 29 2015." Thank god you're so stealthy....I mean Nets vs. Hawks...what a tight game. #girlproblems Dear Hair....Tomorrow we continue our battle against the blonde. I know blondes say being blonde is a lot of work but I have seriously never had a more aggressive color sprout from my head than blonde! 

Dear  The Gym...I'm going to need you to believe in vacuuming. After doing a round of pushups, I sat back to find a gray hair, a food particle and a small pile of dirt on my hands. I mean, vomit. Dear Sonicare...While I still hold fast that you are the best investment I've ever made, I briefly questioned that as I was standing in line paying $35 for a toothbrush head. Dear Atlanta....It's going to be May, that's right May.

(I have no idea what this means as I was not allowed to listen to secular music in the 90s....I still feel like it's relevant.) 

It was 48 degrees when I woke up this morning. Throw a girl a bone and give her some summer already! 

Dear Friday....Bless you. 

Happy Friday Babes! What are you doing this weekend? 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#DreamTeamDoesNash Part 2

Day 2.
Maybe my favorite. This trip was so different from Vegas. Both were special in their own way. Vegas was all about dressing to the 9s and pool parties and clubs and just doing things BIG. This trip was more about casual-wear and brunching and not having a schedule. 

Saturday morning we decided to throw showering to the wind and run out and grab brunch because....brunch, duh.  

Good mornings from our little green door on Grenada Avenue. 

My girls...outside Tavern.  SO good. If your'e ever in Nash -GO!

While we were at brunch we started chatting with the two guys that sat directly across from us. Turns out they were Tennessee Titans football players! They soon became fast friends and we ended up having a four hour brunch! 

Delanie Walker...um, has been to the superbowl!...his arm also weighs approximately 70 pounds. Likes hats and big gold watches. These are all the stats I have on him. 

Also thought it was hilarious when we swapped tables and Rissy ate some of his burger! She just makes herself right at home - love her! (apparently so does the guy in the blue shirt!)

Taylor Lewan...possibly the tallest human I've ever met (I'm just under 5'8") hello! Has extremely useful finger tattoos (one is a mustache, the other says "smile") and is an all-around good sport.

Rissy ate Delanie's brunch....it was only fair we share 

 Just frands hanging out ya know 

We met so many nice people in Nashville! This guy hung out with us and bought us drinks all because Sabrina let his friend get by us to order drinks at the bar. 

After brunch we decided...who really needs to shower? And hit the streets for some Nashville touring. As we were driving to do some shopping, I heard Rissy and Erica screaming from the backseat. I figured it was just another bachelorette party we were saying well wishes too. When all of a sudden I heard "Vince Vaughn"...and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. We immediately yelled in unison "STOP THE UBER!" to which our driver halted in the middle of the street and we all piled out of the car and hustled up the street. 

Vince totally catching me creeping. Apparently he was not a fan of my fandom

He was however....totally a fan of  Chelsea's fandom. Who can blame him though really?! 

With Chelsea as our lead-in we finally got a group pic of him. Apparently Vince still believes in cooties.  #keepyourhandstoyourself! Such a cool experience though. He's my favorite actor and was so incredibly nice. 

After our Vince-sighting we made our way up the street to this painting which we'd all been dying to see. I just love this picture. I love how natural we all are and how much love there is. I mean, Shay and I are holding hands - I don't even remember doing this haha!


I may love this one more.
Total outtake! We all look so completely confused about what to do or how to take this picture. 

Me and my fellow Atlanta babe. Atlanta believes in Nashville! 

Later that night we headed out for our last dinner together and a night out at the honkey tonks. 

Rissy legitimately did try to be in this pic...that is a peace sign, not bunny ears!

 Sheer Joy

and then it was Sunday...and time to leave

 all of us watching our Dream Team videos

 Me and Shay in front of the feather wall

And then there it was....Dream Team Trip #2. Until next year my little Dream Team babes. Love you all to the moon and back. 


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