Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Letters...The One with the Office Shenanigans, The Engagement and Endless Hallelujahs

Dear Coworker....One must remember to lock one's office door when one leaves for a week. Especially if said one is a notorious neat freak. Dear Total Divas....I may have scoffed and even rolled my eyes when I found out you were going to be a new show on the E! network. But as much as I hate to admit it, I am totally caught up in your relationship dramas. Dear Rina Muffin...You are engaged! Whoo hoo! Let the fusion wedding planning begin!

Dear Inner Chubby Girl...We struggled this week with some serious cake and donut cravings. But I have to say we did mostly well. I think a weekend cheat dessert is in order! Dear Vegas Depression....It's been two weeks and you're still hanging on. I think I'm just going to need my girls to move to Atlanta. Dear TomorrowWorld 2014....My newfound love for EDM music may just have me convinced I can handle  your crowds.

Dear Friends....I hope you have the happiest of Easters. 
But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.

Endless Hallelujahs to the King.  


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The List....

....Bucket List that is 

Even though the weather in Atlanta would deny it today with it's dreary rain and dipping temperatures that made me reach back into my sweater bin...again....Spring is upon us and summer is not that far behind. This past weekend with it's glorious 81 degrees and splashes of sunshine through cotton-ball-esque clouds, was a good reminder that the sweater bin's days are indeed limited. 
I think it's no secret that I adore the summer....or basically just the heat. Being someone who is cold almost 90% of the time, winter is spent seeing how many layers can be piled on and how high I can jack the heat up before someone gets mad at me. I may be Georgia Power's favorite resident in the winter months. 

But with, what seems like for now, endless summer days stretched in front of us, I'm once again filled with the excitement of summer and all it's possibilities. And even though I tend to be a more spontaneous person, there are a few things I have on my spring/summer bucket list:

 Make a visit to Charleston to see one of my best friend's
If Atlanta didn't exist, you could probably find me in Charleston. Even though I adore a big huge city, there's not many that don't reside under big huge piles of snow a good amount of the year. I adore Charleston and especially this lady that lives there. 
Make a trip home to see my family
I really need to start a petition to spread out Thanksgiving and Christmas out on the calendar. There you at the end of the year traveling back and forth with just 20ish day between holidays and then not another break in time for a good 5 or 6 months. Nevertheless, I'm long  overdue for seeing my people

and my fur people 

This is my favorite picture of O'Malley. He hates baths with a passion. 

See the Braves play
I have found there are very few things better than sitting in the stands on a hot summer's day with a "real" hot dog cheering on the Bravos. 

See a concert 
I have to say that I've seen almost everyone on my "concert bucket list." This would include Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift (gosh, I have great taste in music) but there are  many others I want to see.

Run a Race 
One of the thing I love about Atlanta is the menagerie of races. There's a hardly a weekend that doesn't contain some kind of race - from a 5K to a marathon. And while I love a good challenge and training for a race, I especially love getting my friends together for a no-pressure fun-run. I'm thinking the ever-famous Peachtree Road Race on July 4th!

Go Hiking....again
This time I'm going to try and descend the mountain on my feet and not on my side. Success is just one hike away. I can feel it.

Pool Parties

Try some of Atlanta's famous Sunday Brunch spots 
(I feel like I should have better restaurant options available when people come to visit beyond the Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs)

Go out on a boat
(because that is just an essential part of summer if you live in the South)

Make it to the beach with my girls
The best conversations happen on beaches, I'm convinced.

Go to the Zoo
I could go to the zoo every week and not tire of it. There's a lion reserve just outside of Vegas where you can feed and hold baby lion cubs (equals life-long dream) but they had just released a new litter into the wild the weeks before I was there. So instead of bottle-feeding the babes, I'll have to settle for surveying the mamas and paps...who I'm going to need to procreate much faster! I need more baby lions born!

If your heart doesn't melt at the site of this, it may be made of stone...I'm just might want to check!

What's on your Spring/Summer Bucket List?! 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

At the Barre

I took my first Pure Barre class a little over a year ago. And to be honest, my first impression was....unimpressed. I stood at the bar Saturday morning amongst 20 other LuLulemon-clad girls as the instructor gave the direction of "tuck" over and over and "lift from the seat." I looked around to see a room of girls virtually standing still. I would lift my leg high in the air and the instructor would come by and hold it down. How was this effective? I just didn't get it. 

Cue about a year later and I kept hearing more and more rave reviews about Pure Barre. I had a fairly steady routine of running and weights was routine. I wanted something more. So I thought I'd give it another try. 

And boy am I glad I did. I have to say, it did take me about four classes before I "got it." The first class felt awkward and I was clumsy. But the instructors were awesome and really explained how to tuck and how to lift from your seat. And from that class on, my body was on fiiiyah! In the best of ways of course. I can truly see a difference in my body from Pure Barre. This class truly hits those small muscles that cardio and weights just don't reach. The mantra is "lift, tone, burn" and I've never known a truer one. 

Plus, the workouts are super feminine and fun. They are ballet-based and there's just something incredibly princess-like about standing in position at the bar. 

And now I work there....well part time. And I love it. I have to say it's not stress-free and there are many late nights where I'm working my "real job" after I get home from the studio. But, way back in 2013, one of my goals was to get involved in the fitness world somehow and I'm slowing making my way towards that goal. I hope the next step for me would be to start the process of becoming an instructor. 
Our incredible team

But in the meantime, if you live in Atlanta, would love to meet you at the Bar one night! 


This post is not sponsored by Pure Barre 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dream Team Does Vegas

I can't even describe the amazingness contained in this past weekend. It's a very surreal experience to finally meet four people you've talked to every day for nearly four years. I think our entire first day together was spent saying "Is this real life?" with the biggest smiles possible on our face. 

And since I am having serious withdrawls from these girls, I thought I'd relive my trip here today and share some of the fun we had!

I had a layover in Texas and Shalyn got on my plane! We were definitely the most annoying, loud, giddy people on the plane. 

As soon as we got off the plane, we were texting with Rissy and ran right into her in between C22 and C2 in the Southwest Terminal. Biggest group hug ever. 

Kurt and Drew surprised us with a limo at the airport! Best surprise ever! Que giddiness increasing by about 1,000 percent. 

Even though I have massive Oprah arm in this pic, I don't even care because of the sheer joy and happiness on each of our faces


We made a trip to Fremont Street on the old Vegas strip to zip line down the middle. Sadly the zipline wasn't open yet but...clearly this didn't hamper our mood. PS - When they say "make a funny face," I take it seriously. From now on I will know this means to just look extra cute. (I'm talking to you Erica...Sabs...Shay!) 

Doing a little gambling at the Gold Nugget. Baller status. PS - if you ever meet Erica, you might want to rub her (in a non-creepy way). Girlfriend is good luck!

Rissy and I won too! I am still contemplating how I'm going to spend my twenty of dollars. 

First night....all out (all out can be interpreted as "wear your tightest dress before the vacation non-diet kicks in). AND our resident Vegas favorite came with us! Love you Ash!

My muffins 

Vegas has the prettiest hotels!

Hanging outside at Tryst with the girls 

Pool party bound on day 2 with these babes. 

Sporting Red Sox...just for Erica!

Booty booty booty 

I need everyone to appreciate the amazingness that is Sabrina's swimsuit. 


What's vacation without a little shopping?! 

Sometimes when you want a group pic, reflective surfaces are your best friend

XS in Wynn. I forget what night this was but, it was unreal. See below


Day 3...Mandalay Bay Pool Party

We were on the list. Thanks to Sabrina, we were on the list everywhere. I'm not gonna lie....I don't hate being a VIP #werekindofabigdeal 

I learned on this day that I'm a big fan of cabanas. I'm also a big fan of people named Erica ...big fan. 

I learned other moves besides the head bob on this trip. 

Night 3 in the VIP stairwell at Marquee

This was a must. 

And then it was over...just like that. Just 96 hours later. I want to live in the Vegas bubble forever with these muffins. Time to start planning our Dream Team vacation 2015. And until then, I'll just have to live off snapchats and the millions of memories made this weekend. Thank God for putting these girls in my life. Love ya'll forever. 


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