Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Letters...The Lid, The Beards and The Dress

I laughed way to hard at this. Because this is you!!!!!
So True....Sorry Malley

Dear My Sonicare Toothbrush Lid....Please come back. I know before when I had just a "regular" toothbrush, I would toss it into the drawer with deodorant, bobby pins and other accouterments without a second thought. But now that I have you, I'm suddenly grossed out at the thought of letting your bristles hang out in the open air. Dear ABC...You are making it real easy to clean out my Tivo.  As of now, I have about 6 hours of recorded talking about the snow that never came. Don't worry, I didn't really want to know who the Bachelor kicked off or if Deacon is going to get his liver. I'd much rather watch footage of empty, rainy streets. #thatsnottrue Dear Men of Atlanta.....Why do you all look like you belong on Duck Dynasty lately? Don't get me wrong, I can get on board with a little scruff but I feel like every dude is sporting some massive Moses beard-age lately. Please trim it up. Sincerely, My Hairy Armpits. Juuuuuust Kidding. Vomit. I hate body hair! Blah. Dear Everyone....This dress situation is blowing up the internet. White and Gold or Blue and Black? When I first looked at it, it was white and gold. Now it's blue and black and I can't unsee the blue/black. What color do you see?!

Happy Friday Muffinsheads!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

....Just Thoughts

happy hour

I have to say that last week I was a complete slacker at work. Monday I gave myself a free pass..."You always work so hard, you're going to have those 'down' days." When Friday came and I was still determining if skipping my 4pm meeting for Happy Hour was morally incorrect, I knew I had to buckle down this week. And that I did. This week has started off strong....which unfortunately left little time for me to do creative things like online shop, play on Pinterest and blog. Work can be such a buzzkill. 

So since my mind has been preoccupied with other things, it's a random thoughts from Ashley's head kinda day. I know you all come here for the deep stuff so...apologies ;)

Lemon water

.......Bad ideas include stealing, murder and also drinking an entire protein shake and bottle of water and a red bull before a 2 hour meeting. #smallbladderprobs #roadtripincompatible 

.......What the heck does "on fleek" mean???

.....I could never be on the bachelor for three reasons. I don't look good with wet hair...jumping off P Diddy's yacht would be entirely out of the question. I don't wear makeup to bed. I'm a really ugly cryer. Some girls have all the luck man. 

......Do you ever picture what someone will look like. Like people you work with but only via phone? And then you meet them and they are totallllly not what you thought? 

waves. #color
the goal hair

...Blondes DO have more fun...until all that blonde hair breaks off. Then the fun ends. If my hair doesn't grow after all the recon I've been and the hair gods are going to have a come to Jesus moment. I'm just going to say that eggs, baby powder and enough prenatal vitamins to birth quadruplets have been involved. 

What's on your mind today? 


Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday's Letters....The Lip Gloss, the powder and the Temperature

Dear The Girl at the Gym who asked if I had lip gloss....I think you should know lip gloss is not a communal item. to not get herpes 101. Dear Protein Powder....This week we made the  jump and have added you in to our diet. And while your lid may say "chocolate peanut butter," I think it's clear you've never met my friend the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Dear Atlanta....I think you have yourself confused with someplace above the Mason Dixon Line. It was 10 degrees here the other day and felt like -1. I'm just going to say that that is unacceptable and I'm going to need you to make up with the Warm Front. Dear Any Boston or New York readers....Don't hate me. This southerner is weak when it comes to the cold. Dear Ashley....You bought a bikini this week. I think that's the true definition of hope.  Dear Friday's Letters...I've determined you are for totally non-relevant pictures and equally ridiculous thoughts. 

Dear you readers...what are you excited about this weekend?! 


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Vows

Over the weekend, I attended the wedding of a very sweet friend. She's a newer friend but one of the absolute sweetest. Sometimes I think when you get older and establish your friend groups, you don't leave much room for new friends but Kristin has always been so welcoming and friendly.

The night we met....New Year's Eve 2013
Kristin, Me, Brooke, Chelsea 

Kristin and Cody...they're going to have model babies!

Brooke and I. Their wedding was Black tie and it was so much fun to get dressed up.....

Ashley and Ashley.....or as we're more often called, Kriegs and Kearns. This girl is

Mr. and Mrs!

A few more of my fancy friends

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was when Kristin surprised Cody with "I want to grow old with you" from the Wedding Singer. She had been secretly taking guitar lessons. I think she sounds pretty great. 

How did you spend Valentine's Day?!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Confession Sessions

But seriously....

I Confess...I think one of the world's greatest mysteries is what happens to British people's accents when they sing? I'm talking to you Ed Sheeran. 

I Confess...I am wearing hair that I have worked out in four times. The amount of baby powder in this do is enough to diaper an entire newborn nursery. The lengths we go to for healthy hair.


I Confess...I had the biggest, laziest, no-schedule Sunday yesterday and it was AMAZING. I slept til 10:30, worked out, had a long Sunday Funday with Danielle and spent the night indulging in endless hours of trash TV. 

I Confess...I never feel more incompetent than when I'm trying to put air in my tires. With all these cold temps, I've had my fair share of visits to the tire pressure machine....and every time, I get back in my car and the light is still on. Like why are these things so hard? 

I Confess...I love the pain of pulling off a Biore pore strip. It's like the ultimate beauty satisfaction.  

What do you confess?!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday's Letters...The one with the gym fist bumps, the old post and the steamer

Detroit...And Malley

Dear the Man in the gym from Detroit whose name I don't know....Every time I wear my Detroit hat to the gym you come up and fist bump me and say I make you feel right at home. We've reached the point where it would now be uncomfortable for me to tell you I'm actually not from Detroit. So I will remain a faithful Tigers fan with the hat I'm not sure how I acquired. Dear My Hands...We had somewhat of a self-tanner catastrophe this week and four days later we're still sporting splotchy brown hands with a mysterious white circle on the top of one. Way to give me away that I'm not a lustrous shade of brown naturally in the dead of winter. Dear This Valentine's Day Post from might be one of my favorite posts of all time. Dear My New Steamer...I feel like you're a very adult purchase. Or maybe I just feel that way because I feel excited over this purchase. 

Dear This Scene...You are to date, my most favorite Valentine's Day thing of all time. 

Dear Taylor Swift....Rumors are that you are going to be collaborating with Kanye West. This can only mean one of two things - you are literally an angel. Or you are going to kill him in the studio blank space style. Dear Taylor Swift again....I am so in love with "How You Get The Girl" lately. On repeat. 

Dear You Muffinheads.....Happy Valentine's Day Weekend! Hope you pop some bubbly, eat some candy and really live it up!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Favs and Flops and Moments

The Grammy's....My fav award show of all time! I mean, music AND fashion. Two great loves collide into one big red carpet of amazingness. 


Gwen Stefani
Love love love her edgy style. She is so dang pretty and one of the few that can take fashion risks that actually look good. I want this jumpsuit in my closet!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West
The amount of dislike I have for Kimye trumps my hatred for socks. But...Kim's makeup and hair was.freaking.on.point. Kanye is still not forgiven for what he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 Grammy's. #Taylorfoeverandeverandeverandeverandever

Taylor Swift
The whole thing was perfection....the shoes, the dress, the hair, the legs. She is just the best. 

Jennifer Hudson
Loved this gown on her and those purple lips - so fierce! One of the few people I love the pixie on. 

Grammy Photos: Red Carpet Gallery (2015)
Proof that God loves some of us more than others (I kid!) but really...she is so pretty as was this dress. I really loved her jewelry - she had the best rings on. 

Anna Kendrick
Doing what us small chested girls do best...showcasing the ever sexy sternum. You go girl. This look was so chic!  


Charli XCX
The Fashion Police are already heralding the awesomeness of this outfit but, I'm sorry this looks like a cheap tuxedo Halloween costume from Party City paired with a pillow pet and jellies from when were five. 

Katy Perry
I'm fairly certain my Grandma wore something just like this on her last cruise. However, am I the only one who loves the purple hair? 

Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams
That outfit is definitely not happy (see what I did there?) Also, sporting their latest line, Helen Lasichanh paired her track suit snuggie with heels and a camel toe. 

Madonna, Grammys
The academy for Growing Old Gracefully called....they want to offer Madonna a free scholarship 

Grammy Photos: Red Carpet Gallery (2015)
The designer of this dress is "When Grandma Gets REALLY Bored."
But seriously, is it just me or does she look like one of those barbie doll cakes?! 


SOOO many good ones but my top performances was

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande. 

You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling - Jessie J and Tom Jones 

My Heart is Open - Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani 

Anything after 11pm was not viewed as this girl was already asleep!

Who did you love?!?! Who did you hate?! 


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