Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one where I couldn't explain, cheating and Fall Who?

Good luck gauchos....circa 2006

Dear  My Gamecocks......I agree with most of the common Facebook posts from last night..."always a gamecock"...."forever to thee"....yada yada....but for real dudes, let's get it together for next week can we? It's a whole lot more fun to be a gamecock when we actually score. I mean, if I need to pull out my good luck gauchos.....I will do it.  Dear Pure Barre....I cheated on you this week with Flybarre. And while Flybarre was fun....I confirmed, I will always love you best. Dear Ashley....You really need to learn how to describe Pure Barre better. After telling your coworker you worked there this week, he asked "Oh, so you bar-tend?" And then the conversation went down like this.... 

No, it's like a workout...

Like with a bar....

...Kinda loosely based on ballet...

like there's a bar around the room....and we{blank stare} 

Next time? Yes, I make a mean mojito. 

Dear This Song.....You've been everything this week. Can't stop listening.

Dear Jean Shorts I bought this week.....I think you are physical proof that I am in full denial of impending fall. I did however peruse the bootie section in DSW so I feel like this is progress. But for was 81 degrees at 7am yesterday. #fallwho 

Dear Friday....You and me are peace-ing out of the A and playing hooky today to go to meet baby Savannah.

Happy Holiday Weekend You Crazy Kids. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lately....Part Dos

And here we are still catching up, many weeks later. But don't feel left out, this blog is not the only thing I've been neglecting....I actually got called out at work for being the biggest slacker on our team when it comes to filling out time sheets. I may or may not be behind by several months. Oops.

So many many weeks ago, I attended a neon birthday party for my friend Kelly. Let's just say neon is the best theme in the whole wide world. 
the cast for the next season of the Bachelor....kidding, kidding 

Me and Kel 

And celebrated more birthdays....namely sweet Jessica's. This girl is pure honey wrapped in sunshine. Love her.

And a going away dinner for my sweet friend Blaine (this is not the dinner. The picture we took at dinner looks like I have been on steroids for two months...therefore an oldie but goody has been provided in its place. A girl has her limits (and by limits I clearly mean pride.) Blaine has forsaken Atlanta for the beaches of Tampa. On the upside....can we say Spring Break 2015?! Just kidding (actually  I'm not)  - already miss this kid. 

I FINALLY made it home.....home to see the fam and home to see the beach...where it rained the whole time. But Mom and Shannon humored me and drove an hour out to the beach so I could walk on the rain. This was when we were hopeful.

Touring the Island

Me and Madre. I aspire to have legs like her. 

When we gave up on the beach....and got cupcakes

Of course I spent time with my angel muffin love button. He is the best

Oh and I bought a new whip.....Meet Lolly

As soon as I got back I was buried in prep for a quarterly meeting held in our NYC office. I was only there for 40 hours but, thankfully I got to do a litttttle sight-seeing...
....mostly from my hotel room

and around the corner to the 9/11 Memorial. Incredible and breath-taking

and a pretty breath-taking view from our office window.

This weekend I cheered Jess on for her first race. She did great!

and I got to hang with these chicks.

...and as I was weeding through pictures and snapchats, I realized that the only other thing I've been up to is the gym, and Pure Barre, and the gym, and Pure Barre
I have mad finger-drawing skills

aren't you just dying to be my snapchat friend now? Gosh, my life is so cool :)


Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Letters...The romper, the passport and ice buckets

So obviously, this has to be addressed....

Dear Taylor Swift....Your new song is my new jam. 

Dear Little Romper...We had big plans to go out last night. And then we didn't. Sorry for the fake out. Maybe soon we'll actually make it past the front door! Dear Ashley....It is officially time to passport it up...and buy a MUCH bigger suitcase. #bigplansahead Dear Nikki Minaj....Here I thought you were turning normal with your new look and then you bust out with Anaconda. I'm going to need you to step away from Miley Cyrus. Dear Gone Girl....I am reading you and let's just say you are a HUGE departure from my usual romantic-not-scary-in-the-least-read. I think this qualifies me as a real edgy girl now - just call me Ange-ley #wheresmybradpitt?

Dear Emily Blunt....You had the best Ice Bucket Challenge of ALL Time

Dear Week...You've been a weird one, definitely one for "the books." Dear "the books," you actually don't exist. I don't even know what you are. 

.....and, Happy Friday


Friday's Letters concepted by Ashley Slater 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Un-Censored and Un-Organized

I was reading back through some old posts this weekend and, I have to say, I like that girl from circa 2012. She was rather uncensored. She let the words just flow from her pen keyboard whenever they came which was usually around midnight (unfortunately still is - why can't creativity hit at say like 7pm?)...And she put far less thought into what people would think about her posts. 

circa 2012.....and I still suck at cooking 

So in a throwback post to my two-years-younger-self and on a day that is not technically "throwback Thursday" (gah, I am such a rule-breaker), I present you a cluster of unorganized ramble....

I actually have "learn snapchat" on my to-do list. I have no clue how to use big fancy fonts or make a snap longer than 10 seconds. I feel this is a skill I need. I don't know if this makes me insanely cool and hip or an old lady hanging on to a teen app. (Too bad if it's the latter....I adore snapchat) 

The basic snapchat....and my man business attire. I'm seriously going to need our dress code to embrace something called the open-toe-shoe. 

Demi Lovato's new cd is ooonn POINT. 

(I probably should have spread this out from the snapchat thought to minimize my inner tween persona but as I said....unorganized we are today.) 

Look what my best friend did. And still manages to look like a supermodel in the hospital! These things amaze me. Cannot wait to meet this little girl in a couple weeks!

I am a terrible liar. I have the "I am guilty" look on my face before I even engage in any shifty activity. This is the cross us rule-followers have to bear. 

But I traveled last week with my boss who flies so much I think he's going to change his last name to Delta. When we were waiting in the Atlanta airport, he decided to take us into the Sky Lounge - where I'm about a mere 95 Billion sky miles short of gaining access to. He told me to just walk through and keep going - "sneak in." Cue inner panic! But I rocked that sneak-in like I was walking into the Target. Owned that bia.  
As we entered the Sky Lounge in La Guardia, we realized there was no sneaking past this desk that was manned by a middle-aged lady with thick smears of blue eye shadow and hair that rivaled Dolly Parton's. We went to the desk together where my boss asked if I could get in. And she responded that he had Executive status and had two free guest passes. So, basically, I didn't need to sneak in to Atlanta but, let's be was way more fun. Life skills were gained that day. 

I used to wear fake lashes to work. Like every day. When I worked on Hilton Head, in an office of 5 where I was the youngest by about 20 years. I now don't even glue those suckers on for any event short of New Year's. I wondered the other day if this is the definition of "getting old." 

The End. 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Letters....The one with the pat down, the flight home and my top model walk

Adriana Bėkštaitė | via Facebook
Dear this make me laugh every single time. Dear Lotions and Hair Products...After testing "positive" for explosives on my hands at airport security and then being taken to a back room where I was locked in and patted down by possibly the world's largest woman, it's safe to say that I will be reviewing your ingredients in depth this weekend. Dear Readers....I'm kinda published
Azniv | via Tumblr

Dear New York...You are so sneaky you. For a moment I could totally see myself living in you. You are SO fun. But then I had a vision of me walking in the freezing snow for months on end and then the dream died. Dear man that played Bejeweled Blitz the entire 2 hour flight home from New York last night...I would like to point out that there is actually a silent button on those iPads as well as a screen brightness dimmer. Go technology! Dear Ashley...We've fallen off the wagon in terms of diet. Time to mount the clean eating horse again. Remember there are important Labor Day in two weeks :) Dear Andre Leon Talley....You were on my flight last night and I so wish I would have stopped and said hi. Instead I just started at you past the point of creepy and strutted down the aisle with my best Top Model walk. 

Happy Friday Muffinheads 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday's Letters...The one with the baby, the song and New York

Dear Tara....Hard to believe that just a few years ago, we were running the campus of USC together at all hours. And today you become a mom. CANNOT wait to meet Savannah. 

Dear Property Management....I judged you too quickly. Apparently the "tarp" to protect the smokers from the rain was really just the start of whole curtain room to trap the smokers in their with their gross smoke It's like the Delta Smoker's Lounge....only without like the complimentary nuts. 

Dear Rather Be.....You have been my favorite song for about two months. For some reason I feel a little upset that you've gone so mainstream. You're like the next "All Of Me." I preferred it when no one knew about you. To make up for it, I've selected some new completely So-Top-40 songs as my favorites: namely Girls Chase Boys #obsessed

Dear New Yawk....I will be seeing you next week. And by seeing you I mean glancing - late afternoon flight and red-eye out the next night. To make up for this I totally sprung for the hotel view of the Status of Liberty. I have to get some sight-seeing in somehow. Sshhh....don't tell corporate! 

Happy Friday Chicks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life Lately - Part Uno

I have been a poor blogger when it comes to keeping up with life events....well my own life events. I can tell you that Taylor Swift was in Boston on Monday and Andi just did a fabulous article spread in Jezebel Magazine. 

But MY life lately...well that I should fill you in on....going back to June and July

Brunch dates with my godsister. Can't believe this girl is going to be a college freshman
I also can't believe how "rooty" my hair looks in this pic. I swear it looks better in real life (I think).

Bachelorette Party for Laura. We spent the day by the pool and went out by night. 
This would be the "out by night" portion

July 4th Fireworks with Kelly and her sister-in-law. So much fun!

Charlotte to celebrate Katherine's 30th Birthday. The birthday may or may not have definitely was centered around a Justin Timberlake concert (which was awesome!) And shopping. I thought I could shop. These girls put me to shame. We stayed in the mall for seven hours. When we came out I felt like I was emerging from a casino in Vegas after countless hours....a little bit foggy, a lotta broke. I'm just going to say we spent 75 minutes in ONE store. #marathonshopping  #goodthingswerepurchased 
Also, I would like to point how accessorized Charleston people are. With every outfit, these girls had on the most elaborate necklaces, bracelets, bags and earrings. I typically have an armful of bangles and that's about it. I think it's a Charleston thing. I need lessons from them! 

We have so much fun!

This girl has been one of my best friends for about 6 years now and we always pick up right where we leave off. SO wish she lived closer

Random Happy Hours!

Food Truck Wednesdays with Candace, Kelly and the boys. This is something I've wanted to do since I moved to Atlanta! #bucketlist

Painted Pin - the newest hotspot in Atlanta - with Kelly, Candace and the men. I came in hot on my last game bowling an impressive 27. I mean, some days I just can't be tamed.
I've gotten to spend so much time with these girls lately and it's been so much fun! Love them!

Whew....Part Two to occur when I get the 876 pics off-loaded from my phone and organized.

What was the highlight of July for you?! 


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